Crandall Talks the Talk, But Does He Walk the Walk?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th January 2018
The Post will file PIAs against all council members regarding school violence.


After Councilman Todd Crandell’s remarks expressing outrage over the violent act that recently occurred at Holabird Middle School, The Baltimore Post decided to see if the councilman was a man of his word.

Below is a copy of the Public Information Act (PIA) request filed by The Baltimore Post in an effort to see exactly what remarks the councilman made on his political Facebook site and whether he really did reach out to BCPS as he claims.

The Post will file similar PIAs for the remaining six council members seeking similar affirmation of their involvement in this issue—an issue so troubling that BCPS refuses to respond to any media inquiries.

Before we reveal the contents of the PIA, you won’t believe the following announcement made after the incident in Holabird Middle School.

The comment was posted on Facebook by Delegate Ric Metzgar:

Yesterday at 7:26pmAnnapolis

I am outraged
this needs to be dealt with NOW [SIC]
Just to keep our readers informed of the incident, here is the coverage by The Baltimore Post.

Finally, here’s a copy of the PIA sent to Councilman Todd Crandell:

Councilman Todd Crandell

7th District

Towson, MD 21204

January 14, 2018


Dear Custodian of Records:

Pursuant to the Maryland Public Records Act, State Government Article §§10-611 to 628, I request access to and copies of documents showing the information noted below.

I request that all fees be waived is this information is vital to constituents the seventh district. In addition, this request is from a media corporation operating under a LLC.

If my request is denied in whole or part, I ask that you justify all deletions in writing with reference to specific exemptions of the act.

I look forward to receiving the records promptly. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions regarding this request, please email me at the above address.

The following information is requested based on your comment posted on Facebook:

“I am shocked and outraged by the bullying incident at Holabird Middle School, where I went many years ago. I have asked BCPS for a full investigation and appropriate action be taken. My heart goes out to the Selby family. I have repeatedly asked BCPS and the School Board to bring their discipline policies into line with the current state of our schools, and this incident is further proof, as if we needed any more, that some of our classrooms are out of control and stronger oversight and disciplinary action is ncessary. [SIC]

In addition to the Councilman’s statement on Facebook and this comment by Mr. Doug Anderson which reads as follows:

Immediately after sending the above email, we contacted the Councilman’s office and spoke to Mr. Doug Anderson. We asked the following: “Based on the Councilman’s posting on Facebook, can you provide any documentation of a formal written request concerning the incident at Holabird Middle School?”

Mr. Anderson’s reply was, “Yes, it’s around here some place,”…

I am requesting the following documents pertaining to the above statements:

  • Any written documentation to include emails, letters, notes, or any other form of communication between the Councilman’s office and the BCPS.
  • A copy of the document that Mr. Doug Anderson referenced to as per his quote of, ““Yes, it’s around here some place,”…
  • A copy of the written request that contains the date and time stamped on the request to be confirmed that said request was completed before interaction with The Baltimore Post.
  • If there are no copies of any written documentation concerning the incident that occurred at the Holabird Middle School, then the following documentation is requested.
  • If any request was done verbally, then please provide the name of the person that anyone in the Councilman’s office spoke to regarding this issue.
  • Information concerning verbal conversations should include the name and title of the person the Councilman’s office or anyone representing the Councilman’s office, be listed who spoke on behalf of the Councilman’s office regarding the aforementioned issue.

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