Crandell Challenges Kamenetz in Storm Management Fees
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

January 19, 2015 11:21 am ET

Councilman says the reduction does not go far enough in reducing taxes

Source: Crandell Challenges Kamenetz in Storm Management Fees

Seventh District Councilman Todd Crandell has gotten into the proverbial ring with Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, as the former issued a press release that says the one third reduction on storm water fees proposed by our County Executive does not go far enough.

To summarize the release, Mr. Crandell believes the whole wet mess should be gone. It appears that he is not afraid to fire a shot at the “lame duck” executive, or at least rattle some feathers regarding this hotly contested issue.

It appears that Mr. Kamenetz wants to throw the middle class taxpayers a bone, but it is a fairly bare bone at that. Meanwhile, Mr. Crandell is yelling for some real meat on the bones that we, the taxpayers, will get.

I must caution our readers that the Sparrows Point development is a ways off, but a possible new beginning could start February 2—that is when the Council votes on Mr. Kamenetz’s appointees.

And, as I said before, that day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Time will tell how this plays out with a pond full of lame ducks. We’ll just have to see if the hunters will vote for the ducks or blast them out of the water; so to speak.

We already know that Governor Hogan wants to squash the storm water fees completely, so the issue becomes a “What’s up?” regarding Mr. Kamenetz‘s moves.

Once again time will tell us a whole lot of things.

Here is a copy of the entire press release.

Press Release from Councilman Todd Crandell


Councilman Crandell says “1/3 of a reduction falls 2/3 too short of a solution”

Towson, MD – County Councilman Todd Crandell (R-Baltimore County 7th District) claims that the administration’s proposal of roughly a one-third reduction in the storm water management fee falls short of what families and our struggling economy expect. “The administration’s proposal shows a lack of appreciation for the election results in my district,” said Councilman Crandell.

The proposal calls for a reduction across the board for homeowners and business alike. In the details are specifics for further credits based on expenditures that commercial and industrial property owners could pursue in order to treat their own run-off.

Since the reduction is across the board, the heavy burden on business receives little relief at a time when major industrial companies are looking at the Sparrows Point Property. Councilman Crandell also said, “at a time when the largest industrial economic recovery and redevelopment project in the nation is taking place in our district, we should ensure that it remains unhindered by onerous taxes.”

The Councilman is exploring other methods for a more aggressive approach to the fee.

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