Crandell: No Actual Sanctuary Bill Yet, So No Comment
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th April 2017


Photo credit/WBAL TV: Crandell’s announcement of a bill against sanctuary status is nothing but words, because the bill doesn’t exist on paper–not even a draft.


Terse comment from Crandell’s office reveals proposed bill is words only

There is nothing that galls me more than opportunistic, pandering pols who attempt to jump on a proverbial bandwagon, but instead fall flat on their faces in the street.

You can add to my ire the slobbering, ill-informed cheerleaders who make comments of adulation without knowing any of the facts, but I will get to that later.

The photo associated with this column was taken at a news conference televised on WBAL-TV 11. During the conference, the main mouthpiece, Councilman Crandell, and another clueless pol, Councilman David Marks, blathered on about a bill that will go against the left-wing wishes of County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. The pols claim that their “bill” will take on Mr. Kamenetz regarding the issue of making our county a safe haven (sanctuary) for illegals, including members of the notorious and deadly gang MS-13, whose members came here from El Salvador.  They are considered one of the most dangerous and notorious gangs in the world.

The Post published a article on the MS-13 problem when FOX News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed a retired FBI Agent who mentioned that Maryland is now a breeding ground for gang members.  The Sun followed-up with an article on the gang’s influence nationwide.

The “good guy” in this mess is Councilman Wade Kach, who had the courage to write this press release, which the Post also published on our front page.

It makes my blood boil when a couple of liberal pols, Crandell and Marks, do a 180-degree about face and profess to stand against the sanctuary county policy set forth by Mr. Kamenetz, who is another lefty. Honestly, folks, if you examine the records of Crandell and Marks, you see that they are RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

I would bet my bottom dollar that neither Crandell nor Marks ever uttered a word previously on illegal immigration or Kamenetz’s efforts to push the county in the sanctuary direction.

In fact, our supposedly conservative Mr. Crandell just wrote Resolution 43-17, authorizing a grant to the left-wing DRC in the amount of $410,000.  It is common knowledge that the DRC supports increased Section 8 housing, as well as the placement of more immigrants into Dundalk.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

But that pudding/proof is missing for this new “bill.” Despite Crandell crowing on about the “bill,” the fact remains that there is nothing in writing–no draft, or even words on an Etch-a-Sketch.  To that end, the news conference was nothing but words, which don’t mean s*#@ in the real world.

As another saying goes, “Talk is cheap.”

Also, Crandell and company only want corrections officers, rather then front-line police officers who make actual arrests.  This will limit the interactions between law-enforcement and potential illegals as a result of serious misdemeanor charges that go under the radar screen.

Here is a quote from the Dundalk Eagle that demonstrates either: a) the reporter got the story wrong, or b) Crandell can’t remember his own bill, which isn’t too difficult to believe since there is nothing in writing:

“According to Crandell, the deputizing of of Baltimore County police officers would be essentially costless, [sic] as the federal government provides both the training and equipment needed for this process.”

I tried to be a nice guy, so I called the Eagle to discuss. As usual, nobody responded.

I also spoke to the FOP, whose procedures differ from that of Mr. Kamenetz. When I attempted to verify the police policy through the chief’s office, nobody bothered to call back.

That, folks, is known as a “cluster.”  (There is more to that term, but I’ll avoid using an f-bomb here.)

The first person I spoke to in “La La Land” said Mr. Kamenetz’s words echoed the policy of the police department, but then second thoughts came into play, and we all know how that goes.

Speaking of La La Land (not the movie), I called Councilman Marks’ office for a comment and got no response.  That is not so surprising considering there is nothing on paper, which means one commenting on the “bill” may trip over his own words.

I know the true wording from the news conference because I called the ‘good guy,’ Councilman Kach, whose office verified the actual wording. I also encouraged Councilman Kach to include all law-enforcement officers in our county to be included in the “bill,” so we’ll see how that goes.

I will end this column with some “rah rah, way to go Todd” quotes from the truly misinformed and clueless:

Helen Colwell-Anderson Great job Todd. You have accomplished more in your last year than previous politicians have in 10.

Cliff OConnell Thanks for all you do for your district and the county, County Executive Todd Crandell, oops I mean Councilman Todd Crandell.

Herb UlrichTodd Crandell I think you’re doing a great job maybe if the rest of the council to listen to what the people have to say first hand like you do.
David Patro  Great work guys.
That’s enough “rah rah” for now.

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