Crawling out from under “The Limbo Rock”–just how low can Johnny O go?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th August 2018
Unscrupulous behavior! ( Photo credit/Tim Faznbacker/Unknown motorist


Sorry folks, but it appears that we are having a déjà vu moment. After all, didn’t we just write about a very similar issue?

With that said, let’s get to the issue at hand by describing the photos in question.

First, the above sign on the left is that of Mr. Tim Faznbaker, who is campaigning as a Republican write-in candidate for the 7th District Councilmatic position.

The first photo shows a political sign from Mr. Faznbaker’s placed close to the curb on German Hill Road. The second photo clearly shows that Mr. Faznbaker’s sign has been uprooted and moved from its original position, having been replaced by a man in an read shirt who is holding a hammer.

I believe these photos depict some dirty political tricks. While there technically is no violation of the law, the photos show an “anything goes” attitude by a candidate who is desperate to win the election.

Here is a quote pertaining to a news article regarding a recent decision on this very issue:

You asked whether the act of pulling a campaign sign out of the ground and laying it down on the ground near where it had been originally located (in order to put up an opposing candidates sign in the same place) constituted a criminal violation of Maryland law. I have reviewed the Criminal Law and Election Law Articles of the Annotated Code and can find no criminal offense covering these actions. Had the sign been taken away or defaced, the offender could potentially have been charged with theft or destruction of property. However, since the sign was left at the scene and intact, I see no criminal violation.”

Since Johnny O is a former teacher and holds a Ph.D., we don’t think there are any issues concerning his comprehension of the English language … or the law. However, what we’re seeing is a devious and underhanded political maneuver by someone who wants the public to trust him with the highest political office in our county.

The Baltimore Post always performs due diligence in researching these matters, so we’ve managed to find a straightforward definition of the term “dirty tricks” for our readers:

Politics. unethical or illegal campaign practices or pranks intended to disrupt or sabotage the campaigns of opposing candidates.

We struggle to comprehend such devious behavior from someone who wants us to believe him to be trustworthy. There are two issues that are coming to the surface here, one that directly violates the law and one that is clearly not illegal, but certainly is unethical.

As always, our motto is, “You read; you decide.”

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