Creating a New Breeding Ground for Terrorism
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th April 2017


Maryland is new hot spot for MS-13 gangs thanks to the efforts of people like Mr. Kamenetz and Mr. Frosh.

Kamenetz and Frosh open the door for more MS-13 members under sanctuary push

The Sun’s headline screams: “Dems bolster Frosh’s powers.”  The subheading states, “New authority is to counter Republican president, [sic]  governor.”

Allow me to explain this situation to you.

Per the Sun, Democrats will remain obstructionist to President Trump and Governor Hogan by having Maryland Attorney General Frosh bring forward various lawsuits.

This partisan nonsense is not part of the AG’s job description; rather, it is what he will be doing instead of his job, which is to prosecute crime and not play politics.

The Post has contacted the AG’s office on several occasions regarding crimes; every instance is met with an auto reply (“…we’ll get right back to you…”). One wonders if the AG is out to lunch, either literally or figuratively. Regardless, this lack of response is unacceptable to the taxpayers of this state.

Simply put, Frosh is a prosecutor, not a politician.

However, our top pol in the county, Mr. Kamenetz, remains clueless.  He has proven his ineptness in dealing with the threat of allowing more MS-13 gang members into our area.

For those unaware of the dangerous nature of MS-13, below is an interview with Tucker Carlson and a former FBI agent who specializes in terror organizations. The subject of the interview is the state of MS-13 and its role in this country.

Here is a quote regarding the origins of the gang:

“The gang was initially composed of refugees from El Salvador in the Pico Union neighborhood, which is where the name comes from: ‘mara’ is a Central American term for gang; ‘salva’ refers to El Salvador; ‘trucha,’ which means ‘trout’ in English, is a slang term for ‘clever’ or ‘sharp.’ However, with the concentration of Spanish speakers in Los Angeles, the gang expanded into other nationalities and then into other cities.”

Maybe Mr. Kamenetz and Mr. Frosh would like these gang members as next door neighbors?  (I have a feeling the reply would be a rousing, “Hell no, not in my neighborhood!”)

I almost regurgitated my sip of coffee while reading in the Sun regarding who is lining up for a bid to run against Governor Hogan.  It seems Mr. Kamenetz said he has been encouraged by the number of people urging him to run for governor.  If the county executive would bother to read the comments posted after each article that deals with him, he would see that a good majority of comments are “hard core” negative against him.

I guess he doesn’t realize that only 20% of the country identifies as liberal, with the rest identifying as moderate to conservative.

I also guess that is what happens when your staff keeps telling you how great you are; after a while, you start to believe it.

I urge both the County Executive and the Attorney General to watch the brief interview below regarding MS-13.  Maybe the two of them will stop recruiting these terrorists into our (sanctuary) state.

Instead, I think the two pols should do their jobs and protect our taxpaying citizens (and voters).

Given the current political movement toward the moderate/conservative side, I am thinking that Mr. Kamenetz doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell at becoming governor.  Meanwhile, if Mr. Frosh ignores his duties and focuses on his fight to bring/keep more illegals into our state, the “legals” may seek an attorney general who actually knows what is in his job description.


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