Crime Never Pays? Who Says?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

November 13, 2015 2:37 pm ET

Crime in the city is big business, so it will never stop

Source: Crime Never Pays? Who Says?

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It’s the same headline just about every day in the Sun. On November 11, the headline read, “Police chief condemns ‘cowardly’ killer of father.”

The sad part (and pardon my language) is not a damn thing changes.

I gave up a long time ago saving Sun crime articles that belonged on that old TV show, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”

For years, I saved those newspaper clips depicting the inadequacies of the criminal justice system. In fact, that premise started off my professional career with the Evening Sun when I wrote an op-ed piece titled, “That’s all I can Stands, I can’t Stands No More.” The article was based on the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor Man and his famous quote right before he decked his arch enemy, Bluto. The piece I wrote paralleled the issue to crime in Baltimore.

Surprisingly, nothing has changed since then … and it appears that nothing will change in the future.

There are several reasons why the status quo will be a “Que Sera Sera (whatever will be will be)” regarding “justice for the criminal”—it will never change.

The number one reason is money. BIG money.

The criminal justice system is a $212 billion a year business that employees 2.4 million people. Think of it—judges, lawyers, bail bondsman, police officers, prison employees, parole and probation agents … the list goes on and on.

What would the loss of these jobs do to the economy? The old saying that “crime doesn’t pay” is wrong on both sides of the coin.

Remember the term “zero tolerance,” which the liberals love to hate? Well, that term is a true one, and the one who proved it was Rudy Giuliani, who served as the Republican mayor of New York City from 1994 until 2001. “A prosecutor by trade, he presided over steep declines in both violent and quality-of-life crime. He was also widely praised for his leadership in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center,” according to

During his tenure as mayor, violent crime in NY dropped by 50% while the homicide toll, one of the highest in the nation at the time, fell by 67%, making the Big Apple one the safest cities in the world.

Were Giuliani’s methods controversial? A big affirmative on that one.

But, did they work? Ditto on that.

The second part of the problem is the liberal left. That includes judges like the one who handed out a 10 month prison sentence to a mother for killing her child. These lapse sentences are among the many incidents of “justice for the criminal.”

I recently wrote about this very subject when I blogged about the vicious attack on Mr. Rick Flethcer. It seems his day of justice may be denied by the liberal left, as Judge Judith Ensor remanded three of those charged in the vicious beating of an elderly man back to juvenile court.

And there may be more to come on that front.

In all of those news articles I threw away, the lack of justice is blatant. Here is a sampling of some recent headline stories in the Sun:

1. Plea deal results in 20-year term for shooting city police officer. (11/7/15)

2. Fugitive is arrested in NC. (Suspect charged in killing one year old boy after chase. (11/8/15)

3. Killings on pace not seen since ‘90s. (11/10/15)

4. Police I.D. four in shooting incident under I-95. 911/10/15) Note: One of those charged was a convicted murder.

The one common denominator in these articles is that they all involve repeat felons.

Now here’s one in the Sun that should raise your BP a tad.

The Sun’s headline is “Dropped cases, short sentences for BGF.” Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with BGF (Black Guerilla Family), they are one of the most violent drug gangs in the city. So now it appears it will be business as usual on that front.

As far as the left is concerned, I think this clip from YouTube, where a professor of journalism attempts to stop a journalist from doing his job, will tell a compelling story. Take a look … and keep your meds and a bucket close by.

Speaking of wacko decisions, our President (the worst in modern times) wants to unleash 6,000 drug offenders back into society. Interestingly enough, every one of us knows that most of the violence in our city involves drugs. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the rest.

Did Mr. Obama ever hear of Pablo Escobar and the most wanted man in the world right now Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman? You see, the drug cartels in Mexico chop off the heads of anyone who gets in the way, and they recently assonated five city mayors.

But, like the President said, “You can keep your own doctor.”

Now before I put a cork in this one and move on to other atrocities, I have to ask a question and pardon my outrage:

Where the hell is “Black Lives Matter?”

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