Culture clash as UK turns back Christian woman seeking asylum
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 26th November 2018
The UK had refused to grant asylum to a Pakistani woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. ( Photo credit/Asian News)

The Baltimore Post as long profiled problems associated with multiculturalism. This one such case that has drawn worldwide attention regarding the conflict in the middle east over religious freedom.

The controversy centers around a Pakistani Christian woman named Asia Bibi who remains in hiding from Islamic extremists after the U.K. denied her political asylum out of fear for the safety of their consular staff in Pakistan.

Large groups of protesters have turned out demanding the Pakistan Courts reinstate her death sentence for blasphemy.

Asia Bibi was sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy. ( Photo credit/Asian News)

In this article from Fox News, it goes into detail to establish the background on this extremely volatile situation.

Pat Buchanan wrote in his best-selling book titled Suicide of a Superpower, that no civilization throughout history had survived multiculturalism. The fall of the Roman Empire would be a classic example. There are also many other issues involving matters such as the ethnic cleansing in countries such as Bosnia and Rwanda. These clashes resulted in matters of religion as opposed to race.

At the top of the list of this ongoing conflict of ideologies is the centuries-old battles between the Israelis and Palestinians.

The Post believes that the former member of the European Union commonly known as the EU and its policy of no borders between member countries has backed the United Kingdom into a corner. We are seeing similar situation regarding the socialist policies of France which have erupted into street riots over high gas prices. Numerous deaths have been reported in those street clashes.

There have been several reports that the UK is fearful that granting this woman asylum would lead to problems with many of the migrants from the Middle East who have moved and settled into the UK.

Asia’s blasphemy case has remained one of the most rousing religious issues in Pakistan for nearly a decade and has led to at least two high profile political assassinations. Salman Taseer, then governor of Punjab, was assassinated by his elite bodyguard who was influenced by religious fanatics.

Often what happens when multiculturalism is often forced upon a country rather than a melting pot you have a boiling one.

If that sounds familiar just look to our southern border.


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