Dance Puts the “BS” in “BCPS”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

April 8, 2016 7:53 pm ET

Superintendent’s office continues the old two step in delaying the release of records

Source: Dance Puts the “BS” in “BCPS”

If the BCPS bureaucracy is used as an example, one can begin to understand why it takes 149 FBI agents to investigate the e-mail scandal of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Of course, we all understand that it takes that many agents to get past the legacy of the Clinton’s agenda, which features a public persona that, in reality, does not exist. But I digress on that for now.

Back to my dealings with the legal eagles at BCPS—or, in this particular case, legal vultures—a true test of my sanity. The games the county continues to play to avoid a request for records through the filing of two PIAs are almost mind numbing.

To be more direct, as stated in the headline, the current administration puts the “BS” in “BCPS” for sure.

One has to ask the question what the school system is hiding. This is especially applicable since Dr. Dance’s policy of “transparency” is highlighted in this message from the BCPS system.

Now you will notice how the BCPS makes a concerted effort to reveal the policy on being transparent:

We will communicate openly and honestly using established protocols to: o Make requests for BCPS information or staff assistance through the Superintendent, [and] o Interact with elected officials AND THE PUBLIC, AND CONDUCT THE BUSINESS OF THE BOARD WITH TRANSPARENCY SO AS TO ACHIEVE THE CONFIDENCE OF ITS CONSTITUENTS AND THE PUBLIC.

In my case, though, I was seeking information on the BCPS STAT Program that will cost the taxpayers $275 million. That price tag, by the way, is being footed by the taxpayers so the progressives can tout that every student in the county will have a computer to take home to use for learning.

Sure they will…

That is, of course, if the computers are not lost, stolen, sold, broken, or used for games and other adult activities.

Dr. Dance is touting this program as the “crème de la crème” of the progressive movement in the area of technology, but he omits one serious flaw: the data to show that the program actually works.

In my previous blogs on this subject, I wrote about other major school districts across the country that have canned the program because it does not work for some of the reasons I alluded to above.

If the “left of left” Los Angeles School District cast it aside, that should tell us something. NJ also canned the program.

However, in the case of BCPS, the program is on the fast track as the progressive but often ill-fated STAT has been put on fast forward.

And that, folks, goes back to Dr. Dance and his agenda, which often blurs the lines between propaganda and reality, as we shall see.

In my effort to do my due diligence, I filed a PIA to look at some of this propaganda. I also filled another PIA regarding the incident at Patapsco regarding the county advising me of the many cards and letters of support for the very controversial skit during Black History Month.

Let’s take a look at the school board’s first response to my PIA. Trust me, you’ll find this an interesting read.

I was advised by e-mail that, in order for BCPS to provide me this opportunity to seek the truth, it was going to cost $149.71. I want you to note that I followed the instructions regarding the payment of said fee.

In fact, the e-mail from BCPS states, verbatim, the words your check for the above amount in order that I may inspect the documents in order that I can separate the hype from reality and inform the people.

Here is a copy of the BCPS instructions.

Now, here is the e-mail that I sent them regarding my check, or, in their terms, “your check.”

Patricia Clark

Dear Ms. Clark

My check in the amount of to cover the cost of reviewing the records is on the way reference PIA 16-50.

Also, I have not received a response to my other PIA asking for evidence of support in the form of cards, letters, e-mails or other such evidence from students showing support for the Steppers program at Patapsco.

I am assuming you do not have any evidence of which I am seeking based on a response from BCPS indicating a positive response in the form of cards and other forms of communication.

Buzz Beeler

And here is the response, including another e-mail from yours truly:

Ms. Clark:

I will send another check registered. This is not the first time I have been through this. It seems the county loses a lot of mail.

Now, you did not answer my other question regarding the other PIA seeking documentation of cards sent to the principle at Patapsco in support of his program. It does not take from 3/4/16 until now to provide that information.

Can you provide the information I am seeking?

On 3/23/2016 1:47 PM, Clark, Patricia S. wrote:

Mr. Beeler,

You indicate in your e-mail that a check in the amount of $149.71 was mailed to this office on February 23, 2016, for your public records request, my file PIA-16-50. There is no record of receipt of a check by this office.

Thank you,

Patricia S. Clark

Policy and Compliance Officer

Baltimore County Public Schools

Office of Law, Building C

By the way, Building C regarding the office of law must refer to the term “confusion” because, not long after receiving that e-mail, my first check was returned with a hand written note that states (BCPS) “can’t find anything” with my name on it in the system and, therefore, my check was returned.

Now someone please tell me where in their first e-mail were it states anything about Rule Number 2373(VI)(A) [sic] referring to the type of payment—i.e., money order, cashier’s check, or business check; a personal check will not be accepted.

So here is the score; I have sent one check that did not exist in their system, and a certified check that was returned with a letter advising me that the rules prohibit sending a check when BCPS requires me to send, in their words, “your check” that was returned in another e-mail from the office of the good doctor:

Dizzying, isn’t it?

Dr. Dance wants the public to see this: (Click on play to watch presentation)

When in fact it looks more like this:

(Warning, this video contains graphic footage.)

As I have demonstrated in the above links, it’s a game of reality vs. perception; the truth regarding BCPS Transparency turns out to be a game of hide and seek … or propaganda over the truth.

It seems like other jurisdictions are also playing the same game as this article in the Sun clearly points out.

Don’t touch that dial—after the commercial break, more bad news is on the way.

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