Delegate Pat McDonough Files Legislation to Stop Sanctuary Policies
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st February 2017
Pat McDonough

The following article was written by Delegate Pat McDonough, who has announced his candidacy for Baltimore County Executive, regarding his plans to introduce legislation to stop those who violate the The Federal Immigration Act. Under the rule of Governor Larry Hogan, some local political leaders–such as Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, AG Brian Frosh, and those running the city of Baltimore–seem to relish defying U.S. law.

Recently, Howard County voted to follow the same path.  In another interesting development, the linked article appeared in the Washington Post regarding last nights riots in Sweden. Finally, we want to point out an article that the Post published on 2/18/17.

Delegate McDonough’s article is published as written.

Delegate Pat McDonough has filed legislation entitled, “The Citizens’ Rights Act” which permits people to have the right to initiate a civil suit against a politician who undertakes an action that violates The Federal Immigration Act. Sanctuary policies promoted by local elected representatives like the Mayor or County Executive clearly violate the Federal Immigration Act. This legislation would not be necessary if elected representatives upheld their oath of office and did not violate the law. The same elected representatives would never refuse to enforce the Federal Civil Rights Act or the Federal Housing Act. However, failure to enforce the Federal Immigration Act is the same as ignoring Civil Rights and Fair Housing.

There are about 340 jurisdictions in the United States that are considered sanctuary places. Baltimore City and Baltimore County and even the state of Maryland would be classified as promoting sanctuary policies. All of these entities refuse to cooperate with the Federal Immigration Enforcement authorities including when it comes to criminal immigrants. Approximately 9300 criminal immigrants were released from state prisons and local jails without prior notification to federal immigration authorities. Even though they had detainers upon them, they simply vanished into the streets. Almost 1,000 criminal immigrants were charged with murder last year.
“Welcoming Cities” is a political feel-good designation promoted by elected officials who oppose the Federal Immigration Act. It is a fake and misleading title. These are not welcoming cities; they are law-breaking cities. The local elected officials create these unlawful policies without conducting public hearings or legislation. The same situation occurs with sanctuary action by a state university president who fails to consult with the governor or state legislature. The voices of the people are ignored.
Many of the advocates for illegal immigration support the protests that are occurring around the country. Every American should support “The Citizens’ Rights Act” because it is the ultimate form of protesting which is the right to a day in court. The sanctuary policies created by elected officials have consequences for the people they represent. The citizens will become the victims because of these unlawful policies and will suffer from tax increases generated by a loss in federal revenue. Baltimore City receives about 220 million in federal grants. Illegal immigration has a negative impact on jobs, public safety, auto safety, loss of public benefits and education and it supports gangs and drugs. Illegal immigrants do not take jobs from lawyers, teachers or legislators. They displace low-skilled young people, working people and entry level opportunities. This is not economic justice.
Sanctuary advocates claim that local police are obligated to protect safety and not to enforce the Immigration Act. The Federal Immigration Act is about public safety. Just ask the family of Kate Steinle in San Francisco who was murdered by a criminal immigrant who was on a detainer. Ask the numerous Marylanders who have been victims of criminal immigrants.
We are a generous and compassionate nation. America allows more than 1 million legal immigrants into the country every year. Advocates for illegal immigration often cite the Statue of Liberty as a symbol supporting their cause. They fail to acknowledge that Lady Liberty is caressing, in her right arm above her heart, a law book. That law book symbolizes the rule of law which is the foundation of our liberty. The Federal Immigration Act is the law.
 If you visit the home and museum of our first President George Washington, you will see on the wall in bold letters the beginning statement contained in his last will and testament. The opening statement reads, “I, George Washington, citizen of the United States of America, and lately president of same.” The founder of our nation was making it clear that holding the office of Citizen of this great country was more important than holding the nation’s highest office. Those sentiments explain clearly the reason to support “The Citizens’ Rights Act.”
Please note – There will be a hearing in Annapolis on the “Citizens’ Rights Act in the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. For information, contact Delegate Pat McDonough at 410-841-3334.

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