Democratic Councilwoman phones in vote on potential tax increases while on vacation in Las Vegas
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th May 2019
Council Chairman Tom Quirk hopefully does not think that the taxpayers are “suckers.” (Photo credit/Facebook)

We are quite sure that most of our readers are familiar with the saying, “Get the hell out of Dodge.” Here is the basis for that familiar and famous saying:

It’s worth noting that this expression didn’t appear in print until the late 1950s; the earliest reference Google finds is from a collection of gunslinger stories in 1959.

This article doesn’t deal with gunslingers; rather, our topic is a certain councilwoman who seems to be spending more time dodging important issues than  doing her job.

The Baltimore Post would like to pose a following question to Democratic Councilwoman Cathy Bevins regarding one of the most important council meetings in the last 30 years:

Why were you AWOL, councilwoman?

How in the hell can you claim a “scheduling conflict” and be in Las Vegas during one of the most crucial times in Baltimore County history? We believe that phoning in your vote regarding the potential tax increase while you party hearty in Sin City reveals a critical error in judgment.

Folks, this is not the first incident of this somewhat disconcerting behavior for the two-term councilwoman representing the 6th District of Baltimore County. The below photograph was posted on Facebook by Councilwoman Bevins; it depicts her antics at another beach resort, where she had fun in the sun instead of put the looming proposed tax increase as a priority.

(Photo Credit:

The Post learned that the bathing suits featured in the photo were meant to mimic a man’s body. The joke did not sit well with some community leaders, which ultimately led to a backlash from Bevins’s supporters. This led to the Facebook account of one of the community leaders being suspended after the “Bevins bunch” filed numerous complaints.

Remember, folks, that liberals only believe free speech belongs to them. Anyone else who utters an opinion that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative gets shut down quickly.

One might think that the blowback over posting that rather tasteless photo on Facebook might have taught the councilwoman a lesson.

Think again, folks.

Councilwoman Bevins is, once again, more concerned about having fun in the sun than focusing on county matters. Per another Facebook post, Mrs. Bevins is in Las Vegas to attend the International Convention of Shopping Senters.


According to sources Councilwoman Bevins was in Las Vegas to attend a convention regarding shopping centers rather than dealing with her constituents and the proposed tax increase. Photo credit/Facebook

Once again, when a community leader protested this kind of conduct from an elected official, Mrs. Bevins minions went on the attack.

Again, so much for free speech when taking issue with a politician’s conduct. That only works for the liberals when they are bashing our president.

What is also interesting about this particular incident is how it relates to the county code. Neither the Post nor other concerned citizens could find anything regarding the ability of a council member to submit an absentee vote.

Another thing that our readers may find rather interesting is that video of this particular council session is not available as the publication of this article.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore County Executive’s budget was cut by $14 million. What is particularly interesting in the Sun’s article was the following quote mentioning Republican Wade Kach:

In addition, Kach took issue with Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, a Middle River Democrat, being allowed to vote Friday by phone. Bevins, who is on a trip to Las Vegas, joined the meeting via conference call. She didn’t return a call from The Baltimore Sun seeking comment but said during the meeting that her office made a scheduling mistake.

It would be rather interesting to hear from Councilwoman Bevins regarding this egregious error in judgment, as well as learn the reasoning behind Council Chairman Quirk’s rationale for allowing this particular blunder. We want to know the legal grounds for this rather unusual type of vote.

Chairman Quirk is not new to inaccuracies. For several months after the election of Johnny O, Mr. Quirk continued to reference the deceased former County Executive Kevin Kamenetz as the current executive.

The Baltimore Post brought this to Mr. Quirk’s attention numerous times before he finally realized there was a new sheriff in town.

Stay tuned, folks, as we continue to break down the mismanagement of your precious tax dollars in this continued fleecing of the vanishing middle-class in Baltimore County.


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