DiCara, Pleading (or Hiding Behind) the Fifth
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

July 3, 2014 1:43 am ET

Crandell speaks up for the community at council work session wile DiCara fails to get in the ring

Source: DiCara, Pleading (or Hiding Behind) the Fifth

I think everyone, at one time or another, has heard about the Friday Night Fights. At the end of each round, the timekeeper rings the bell. “Ding, ding!”

Well, at yesterday’s council work session, there were plenty of “dings.” Let me set the stage, or ring, for you.

(Microphone please…)

“In this corner, representing the North Point Government Center, weighing in at 2,800 opposing signatures is … Dundalk United!” (Applause)

And in this corner, weighing in at seven council members and no signatures, representing Baltimore County, is … John Oleszewski Sr.!” (Boos)

All kidding aside, the matter at hand was a serious one pitting the Dundalk community against the infamous PUD (or is it M-U-D?) process.

Now, I won’t go through the speeches of every speaker—which, at three minutes a clip, would make me miss my keen (applause please) observation of what actually happened. Rather, let me say what I observed—the crux of the general election that will pit Republican Todd Crandall against Democrat Joe DiCara.

Mr. DiCara, by the way, failed to utter a word on behalf of the community, which is not good for someone seeking political office. After all, speaking out on behalf of the community is where your councilman plays a major role.

Let me say that part of this story involves on- and off-the-record comments. The NY School of Journalism states that, in order for any topic to be off the record, that request must be stated beforehand and not after the conversation is well on its way.

Meanwhile, my policy is that, if the person is deceitful in his dealings with me, then everything is on the record. I will not let myself be used to further one’s agenda. That is unethical.

Now back to the point at hand. Mr. DiCara and his son, Tony, engaged in conversation with me after a recent Eastfield Stanbrook Community meeting. I want it known that they both approached me.

“If my father wins,” Tony DiCara said, “it would be Kamenetz’s worst nightmare.”

It was also at that same meeting that Scott Collier reminded Mr. DiCara of his comment at another meeting when he described the GC as a “done deal.” Mr. DiCara stood to defend his remark and did admit to making that statement, but he said the issue was a learning process and, if elected, he would fight for the community to protect the GC.

Mr. DiCara slipped in a remark that led me to believe that he had no such intentions. The remark was, “After we have all the facts, we can decide what’s best for the community.”  Well, to that, I say poppycock because, with the county, the results are what “the powers that be” want them to be.

I don’t have enough room on this blog to give examples of that matter.

Here are some highlights of the speakers before we focus on Mr. DiCara’s political “throwing in the towel” vs. Mr. Crandall.

As always, the eloquent Bob Staab elicited a large round of applause when he urged the council members not to follow councilmatic courtesy, but rather to vote their conscience.

During the numerous speakers there were a ton of “dings,” leading one to think that this was a 15 rounder.

The main bout featured Todd Crandall against Tony DiCara. Todd stepped into the ring first, ready to fight, and he threw a flurry of punches:

1.       The PUD process is flawed. (Blogger’s note: Do you think so???)

2.       There is tremendous opposition to the PUD from the community.

3.       The people were sold out.

4.       There are no clear plans as to what the developer will do.

5.       The taxpayers are losing money to the tune of millions of dollars.

6.       The Dundalk community deserves better.

And, with that, the proverbial bell rang for the next round.

It was Mr. DiCara’s turn to step into the ring, but he simply danced around without throwing a punch. There was a white towel in the form of “silence is golden” thrown into the ring before the fight began. How can that be? This is supposed to be “the defender of the community,” “Kamenetz’s worst nightmare,” the “knight in shining armor.”


Folks, the sad truth is that we saw some true colors showing at that meeting.

Why would Mr. DiCara show up and not utter a word on the community’s behalf?

Think about it…

My thought is, “Because he is playing both sides against the middle.” He is part of the “O team.” After the election, with whom do you think Mr. Tony DiCara was partying?

Once again, it’s the old county two step. “Just say what they want to hear … they won’t know any different.”

Just ask Mr. Tony DiCara, who was on John Jr.’s slate campaign titled, Baltimore County Leadership Fund Slate” as of 3/06/13.

I would say, “Joe, the voters are not stupid and can easily see your SILENCE. In fact, they were discussing it openly.”

(Microphone please…)

“And the winner in this test of character is … Todd Crandell!”

I will send this blog to Mr. DiCara for a response. He will have an equal opportunity to lace up the gloves and go a few rounds.

Maybe this time it will actually be a good contest…

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