DiCara’s Degrees of Deceit
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

August 17, 2014 5:06 am ET

Democratic nominee fudges website resume

Source: DiCara’s Degrees of Deceit

There’s an old saying that goes, “Fool me once, shame one you; fool me twice, shame on me!”
With that said, I am not about to be fooled again.
Mr. Joe DiCara, the Democratic candidate for County Council 7th District, claims on his political website, Joe DiCara.com, that he holds a “Masters in Marketing from the University of Baltimore.”
Let me lay down some truth here. Mr. DiCara does not hold such a degree.
So, why did I find it necessary to do some quick research on Mr. DiCara? It all began at a community association meeting where Mr. DiCara was challenged on his stance about the government center in Dundalk. Mr. Scott Collier took Mr. DiCara to task for his earlier remarks during the campaign, where he stated, “It’s a done deal.”
Standing up to address the situation, Mr. DiCara admitted that he once supported the sale, but now he was against it—here’s the catch phrase—“until the all facts are in.”
After the meeting, both Mr. DiCara and his son, Tony—who is his campaign manager—approached me with numerous comments about their agenda.
After engaging in several topics, Tony DiCara said to me, “Off the record, if my dad gets elected it would be Kamenetz’s worst nightmare.”
Allow me to explain something here. At the time, I agreed to the “off the record” part. However, as I stated before, if you lie to me than there is no going off the record.
Such is the case in my encounter with Mr. DiCara at the VFW in Rosedale meeting, where he approached me after I gave the vets in attendance an update of the Fort Howard issue, stating that the vets were basically excluded. (Note: For all related documents on that subject, go to my website—buzzbeeler.com—and visit the downloads section.)
Mr. DiCara told me that I was off base on that topic, and that a secret developer from Florida was “in” and Tim Munshell was “out.” My reply was that I believed that statement to be BS. (To make a long story short, within a matter of weeks the Sun confirmed the signing.) As I suspected, there was no secret developer in Florida and no Tim Munshell being “out.”
Where I come from (which is here, by the way), they call that a lie.
Then I began to hear rumors of Mr. DiCara having crabs with Mr. Kamenetz, particularly at one specific fundraiser. I could not independently verify that item, but other documents seemed to indicate a relationship between the Olszewski’s and Mr. DiCara’s son, Tony.
This is all starting to add up to a disconcerting image of a campaign clouded in deception. And now, part of that deception has surfaced in the “padding” of Mr. DiCara’s resume.
Consequences of Padding (Lawyers.com)
The following are some of the possible consequences of padding your resume:
• Cause damage to your reputation and ability to succeed on the job
• Embarrassment when you are caught
• Assignment to tasks that you do not have the necessary skills to complete
• May set into motion a series of lies to cover up the initial lie
• Loss of job
Now, I know what you’re thinking. “This is just a little embellishment here. It’s not like he is applying for a job.”
However, folks, Mr. DiCara basically is applying for a job. He is applying to work on behalf of the citizens in the 7th Councilmatic District, and with that task comes the most important character trait – TRUST!
Application Falsification Policy
Many employers have a policy that disqualifies job applicants who falsify material information.
I did some checking and called the University of Baltimore to inquire about this so-called “Masters in Marketing.” I spoke to the university’s alumni department and specifically asked them if a Mr. Joe DiCara had a Masters in Marketing from the University of Baltimore.
Their response was that he does not. I asked them if they were certain, because this was for publication. Their reply, “We are sure, and you can use it for publication.”
In fairness to Mr. DiCara I sent him the following e-mail:
Subject: Information
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 12:04:22 -0400
From: Buzz Beeler <buzz@buzzbeeler.com>
To: info@joedicara.com
Do you have any documentation on your Masters in marketing degree from U of B, as stated in your career accomplishments via the website?
Also, do you have any records on the following?
“Initiated meetings with over 50 foreign delegations to create business Opportunities for several prominent U.S. manufacturers”, as stated in your career information on your website?
That information would include names, dates and times of said meetings either in writing or via e-mails or other such communication.
Do you wish to make any statements regarding your opponent, Todd Crandell?
As of 2:24 am on 8/14/14, I have not received a response regarding this email. I have corresponded with Mr. DiCara in the past via e-mail, so I know that the address is valid.
So, what’s at stake with this issue? Read this:
“George O’Leary – Five days after being named as Notre Dame’s new head coach in 2001, O’Leary was forced to resign for lying about a master’s degree in education from New York University that he never received.”
The winner of the Baltimore County Council race will have to be sworn in and take the oath of office—a solemn bond between that person and the constituents to do what is right and just.
For me, Mr. DiCara is a long way from taking that oath. If he can’t do what is right and just out of office, what will he do if he gets in office?

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