Disgruntled Z-Lister Has No A-Game
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 7th May 2017
Z on TV could be a case of sour grapes. (Photo credit/ World News

Z on TV needs to disclose his past before bashing Fox News


If there is anyone who still reads the alt-left wing Sun, you might have had the unfortunate opportunity to read the latest liberal rant by David Zurawik, otherwise known as Z on TV.  His column appeared in today’s (5/7/2017) A&E section.

The title of Mr. Z’s tirade is, “Fox News on the losing side of of the gender wars.”  That reminds me of something many of us have seen on on the Three Stooges:

 First, I was not aware of any “gender wars” taking place with Fox News. However, since Mr. Z brought up the topic, lets throw some more mud pies around, shall we?

In order to do that, we’ll have to look at Mr. Z’s quotes from his article.  His rant on a network to which he once was a contributor is a real doozy. And note that I used past tense. As a matter of transparency, maybe Mr. Z could have prefaced his sudden vengeance on the network by saying that he is no longer contributing to said network.

But no words from the TV critic on that one; instead we have these adjectives and nouns to gauge the PC (probable cause) as to why this sudden bashing of his only venture outside the dark room of the Sun took place.

Z’s first zinger is a big one, given the overall current situation in our society — or lack thereof — that he wants his readers to swallow. I tried, and even washed it down with some coffee, but I still choked on it.

“But it’s also still on the wrong side of patriarchy and male privilege,” said Mr. Z in  reference to a network supposedly dominated by privileged males. I’m not quite sure what he is looking at because I see a lot of really solid talented females on Fox News.

I wonder if Mr. Z did any follow up on the Megan  Kelly’s venture into NBC land and the uproar over who goes and who stays to accommodate this female mega-star.

Also, what exactly is male privilege? I’m not really sure based on my research, but the bottom line seems to be a certain privilege applied to one’s sex.  So lets take a look at that issue from another perspective, as written in this Time article.

Can males do everything a female can do?  The answer is no.  Can females do everything a male can do?  Again, the answer is no.  In my humble opinion, the term “male privilege” is a broad brush stroke by the left as a means to justify an end.  In plain language, it’s the classic blame game when, in fact, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Why didn’t Mr. Z talk of the same faux-pas of the left?

In no certain order, that conversation may include politics (Bill Clinton), Hollywood, celebrity, sports, and just about every other aspect of life.  This issue goes a lot deeper than Mr. Z’s rant on Fox News.

Here are some other egregious comments form Mr. Z’s article that I found lacking in substance:

“With his bully-boy, brow-beating interview style, Carlson, who has now moved up in the batting order to the 8 o’clock slot replacing O’Reilly, is very much part of the larger, male-centric cultural problem at Fox — not any kind of solution.”

I guess he means that liberals who line up to come onto Tucker’s show are incapable of having the mental capacity to defend themselves. I also would remind Mr. Z that Tucker Carlson reaches out to the powerful and privileged left wingers to come onto his show and defend their agenda, yet not one has taken up the challenge.

If every politician or Hollywood mogul was fired over sexual escapades, there would be no more movies or government (past tense) capable of creating more of that male privilege Mr. Z rants against.

I guess Mr. Z forgot about the right to free speech and the right to debate anyone, just like I’m doing here.  Mr. Carlson is good at what he does because he uses common sense and facts while many of his guests are mired in their mindless rants from the left.

Case in point, college professors who are lost in space like this goof.

There are so many outlandish assumptions that Mr. Z makes in his over-the-top mindless rant that it would take another three columns (at least) to address them.  Just look at his rant on the video below and get back to me on FB with your thoughts.

As I wrap this up, Mr. Z on TV needs to disclose his time on the network he is now trashing and explain why he was forced to leave Fox News.  Could it be he was considered one of those privileged males? Or did he, like many of the mindless guests that appear on Tucker’s show, just not measure up to the challenge of the national spotlight.

Now Mr. Z’s final grade can be summed up in this context.  A reader called and said was it male privilege that lead to our men being drafted into wars to defend our country and die?  Was it male privilege for liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren to turn her back on the our wounded warriors in her home state as the Boston Globe reports?  And finally where are the feminist over the two illegals charged with rape who were never tried, or even had the case go to a grand jury?

Final grade for Mr. Z is as the letter indicates; a ZERO!

Still you read, you decide.

Note:  Up next, the Post looks at the out of control murder rate in Baltimore City in an exclusive investigation.  Police officers from across the city reached out to the Post trying to get the truth out to the public and we will.

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