Does PC = ‘Prime Crime’?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

December 11, 2014 12:05 pm ET

Problems continue in county schools as student steals teacher’s cell phone and disseminates data.

Source: Does PC = ‘Prime Crime’?

Folks, sorry to say, but it appears to be getting worse within the school system.

I blogged about this sorry state of the schools in the new “PC” climate, and it didn’t take long for someone to prove my point about the continued mayhem. However, this time, we could be looking at a federal offense in the literal sense.

It seems that a county high school student stole a teacher’s cell phone and then sent personal data off that phone via text message that eventually spread throughout the school.

Let that one sink in a bit…

Due to privacy concerns, I will not disclose the names of the victim or the school. My point here is to pound away at the policies that continue to create an atmosphere where students feel immune to any accountability for their actions. These students now exist in a culture that openly fosters this type of bad behavior.

After hearing of the incident, I contacted the police department; spokeswoman Elise Armacost wrote the following reply:

“Mr. Beeler,

I believe you are referring to a theft that occurred on October 8, 2014 and was reported to us later that month. This case remains open and under investigation.”

Elise Armacost
Director of Media & Communications,
Baltimore County Police & Fire”

One comforting issue is that one administrator within the school system said in this case the appropriate action was taken and both of those involved learned a valuable lesson. Knowing this administrator as I do, he made some observations that deal with the examples set by some parents that carry over into their child’s behavior.

What makes this action egregious and unconscionable is the atmosphere that permeates the schools—a complete lack of accountability on behalf of the offenders (students) and the administration’s (superintendent’s office) refusal to step up and back the teachers that are on the front lines of this issue.

They won’t even admit that there was a situation that occurred as this e-mail indicates from Baltimore County Public Schools indicates.

“Buzz, I do not have any information on this. If you have enough you can obviously go with your blog post”

I don’t understand why they continue to hide from being transparent and deal with the situation. By ignoring the conduct of the students the problems will continue to get worse.

Now, while some may think that I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, let me just remind you that this potentially is a serious federal (under wire statutes) crime. For those who think I am stretching the truth, refer to the news accounts of the recent theft and publication of some Hollywood celebrity data from electronic devices.

The FBI’s Los Angeles office confirmed Monday that it was investigating the hacking. “The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high-profile individuals, and is addressing the matter,” the agency’s spokeswoman said.

The same office caught a Florida man who hacked celebrity email accounts in 2011. Christopher Chaney, whose targets included actresses Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis and singer Christina Aguilera, was charged with accessing protected computers without authorization, damaging protected computers, wiretapping and aggravated identity theft.

Chaney is serving a 10-year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty in 2012.

The hackers arrested in the Paris Hilton case, including a teenager, got jail time, too.

The county schools incident is the same folks.

So, to revise the statement from the police, the mere theft of the phone in itself is a crime. But what occurred thereafter is where the federal statute comes into play.

You see, in my opinion (and it is my blog), I think that the offending student had the mindset to not only steal the phone but to invade the privacy of the victim, because the offender thought that it was easy to get away with it.

Read the matrix of crimes and punishment via the school board policy (click on students at the top of the page) and tell me this is just. As I previously wrote on school bus violence and other issues in the classroom, some of these situations are violated on a daily basis and nothing is done.


You might find some answers in the problems the school bus drivers are encountering in dealing with the violence as the desperate pleas of the drivers, who have been ignored not only by school officials but the union as well go unanswered. The schools have to be politically correct.

The student offender in this particular case hopefully will learn form this issue, but if not he should be expelled. Maybe that will send a strong message that this kind of behavior is going to lead to serious consequences.

But, sadly, in this county, that is a pipe dream.

Instead, we will simply say that the student was misunderstood, was not hugged enough, or possibly that the actions were justified for some silly reason.

After all, that is the PC thing to do…

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