Dr. Williams – The Time Has Come to Keep Your Promise to Baltimore County
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 3rd January 2020
Dr. Darryl L. Williams, superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools


The following letter, submitted by a reader, has been published as written.


Dr. Williams,

You were brought into a troubled school system rife with scandals. You promised transparency. Well, it’s now time to deliver on that promise. Merely looking ahead, without fixing the past, is uncharacteristic of true leadership, which is what the citizens of Baltimore County had hoped for.

Continuing to turn a blind eye on the past, while various scandals occurred before your tenure, changes nothing and is an inherent weakness and miscalculation on your part. We were promised a change. It is now your duty to not only lead the school system into the future, but to also radically change the way the school system interacts with the public as it pertains to questionable contracts, destruction of evidence and other crimes, both past and present. This type of change will require ridding the system of its bad actors. But the question is: will you? Leaving corruption in place can only guarantee your failure in leading our school system.

Unfortunately, Baltimore County Public Schools has a history of rewarding those who have used their power and influence for personal gain. Former Superintendent Dallas Dance was rewarded with a pay raise after an ethics review panel found that he was profiting at the expense of the school system and the citizens of Baltimore County. Former interim Superintendent Verletta White was rewarded with a job after her own string of similar ethics violations. Without decisive action to clean up corrupt elements within your organization, we are unfortunately heading down the same path and your legacy will be, well, conjoined with that of your two predecessors.

You now have the governor, county executive and a growing number of local and state politicians looking to you to make a change. The time for decisive action is upon you now.

Show us the transparency you promised and take decisive action.

– Jim Hall

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