DRC = “Does Raise Concerns”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 2nd August 2017

The following information came to the Post came via email from a concerned citizen.

Actually, the email contained words not suited for a print, but we will only publish enough to give you the gist of the message.

Read on to see what set off this person, and see what probably will draw some ire from other readers as well.

 Susan Rayba shared a link.


If you know somebody living in our community who may be having a difficult time getting a job due to their past criminal record, please refer them to the post below.

A volunteer lawyer may be able to help with free expungement services. Thank you.

Learn how to get charges removed, and have criminal charges potentially removed from your record. File for an expungement with a volunteer lawyer at our office. (11 Center Place Dundalk MD 21222.)


There are more than a couple of issues here.  In fact, this can is open and the worms are everywhere.

People may wonder who this person, Susan Rayba, is. From what we can gather, she is the President of the West Inverness Community Association. Actually, we can’t take credit for the gathering–the Dundalk Eagle did the gathering with this article.

Ms. Rayba is a fun subject for a game of connect the dots, since they lead all over the darn place; so lets get connecting.

Now folks, pay attention, because this column is going to get dicey.

One has to question why a community leader would advocate this kind of advertisement especially after all of the crime issues that led to the call for motorcycle gangs to patrol the streets of said neighborhood?

The answer to that question is found in an article from the Post that detailed those events. Read the story found in this link for the image to start to take shape. As a journalist, and not a psychiatrist, I would have to say that there are some serious issues going on here, none of which are any good.

Actually, this is a nightmare of cronyism and political influence. With that said, let’s move on.

This is the part that I have a hard time understanding. This is the same community (West Inverness) that wanted to allow motorcycle gangs patrol the neighborhood because, in the residents’ minds, the police were not doing a satisfactory job.  So, I guess I am asking why in the hell would the same community turnaround and offer convicted criminals a pass on being held accountable?

To be fair, I’m not suggesting that prior offenders should not be given the opportunity to move forward in life. However, as we all know, Dundalk is ranked as the 10th worst city in the state of Maryland. In addition to that fact, I would say there are far many more qualified citizens in need of jobs who have never broken the law.

There are more dots to connect that basically cover the entire political power base in the failed city of Dundalk.  Part of that failure lies at the newly renovated DRC.

Taking issue with the DRC is easily justified.  In its own backyard, DRC is facing a multitude of ongoing problems that have been festering for years. One problem deals with the newly renovated DRC building directly across the street from an old abandoned supermarket. That, my friends, does not make much sense, now does it?

Let’s take a look at some other problems.  DRC is in the middle of old Dundalk, which has been plagued by homelessness, drugs, crumbling infrastructure, and abandoned buildings, just to mention a few. DRC, despite all of its money, cannot address these problems. In fact, if you remember, DRC was forced to relocate after failing to sign a lease and basically being evicted by the landlord.

If you look closely at the DRC, you will see a list of power-brokers that may not have the best interests of the community at heart. I will go into that in much greater detail in another column.

In fact, in one particular article, the mere mention of the wife of a politician seeking to become the next Baltimore County Executive drew the ire of said candidate.  Again, the Post will have exclusive coverage of that candidate’s campaign.

The screenshot shown below exposes the core of the matter; and folks, it ain’t rats.

Rat Corp group with Councilman Crandell. Click on photo to enlarge



DRC Executive Director Amy Menzer with former TPA CEO Michael Moore


I will close this column with the above photo, which reveals a lot about what is tearing this community apart. The DRC just recently received a $410,000 grant from Councilman Todd Crandell.I guess they need that kind of money to pay the director, Dr. Menzer, her approximately $80,000 salary. One person I interviewed stated that many of the DRC community positions are held by volunteers, but that is obviously not the case with Dr Menzer.

I also question why Dr. Menzer is sitting next to Mr. Moore. If the people knew what was headed their way via the TPA, there would be outrage.

Folks, stay tuned for some columns that will leave you scratching your heads. Some of these issues seem as though they are from the land of Oz.

Stay tuned as we expose what is going on behind the curtain…

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