Duck and Cover
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

February 12, 2015 9:25 pm ET

Police continue cover-up regarding IA case. County attorney for police department has prior record of infractions with the justice system

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The headline of this blog refers to the old civil defense films starring “Burt the Turtle,” who taught kids to “duck and cover” during a nuclear attack. As we all now know, this was a futile effort that was simply meant to allay people’s concerns over a very real threat. It was classic misdirection at its core.

Sounds an awful lot like what happens in this county, doesn’t it?

I keep hearing the words of Councilwoman Vicki Almond from the council session where Mr. Kamenetz’s appointees were all confirmed. The councilwoman made it clear that the council did its due diligence by vetting every one of the appointees.

So much for the council’s vetting skills, because there is a certain IA case that is gathering dust on the commander’s desk.

Folks, this is your elected government at work. You ask a simple question, and it takes an act of congress to get a not-so-simple answer.

Are they hiding something? It is possible. I know there is a lawyer assigned to the police department with a background of run-ins with the long (or, in this case, short) arm of the law.

How does a lawyer wind up working for the police department after being charged with DUI, possession of CDS, (Controlled Dangerous Substance) and hit and run? Need I tell you the results of the court cases? I don’t think so.

Now, as I have said before, the information I receive all comes from cops; and, in this case, I guess there is a trust factor at stake in dealing with this particular lawyer.

Speaking of trust—and this is just my opinion—why doesn’t our Councilman Todd Crandell step in and help his constituents, Karen Cruz and Bob Staab, who supported him in his bid for the council seat. Why is the IA case being sat upon long after it was completed?

Good questions that remain unanswered to date.

Although, one has to guess just how good the IA (Internal Affairs) case is when the victims weren’t even interviewed. But, I digress, since the case is going nowhere.

Oh, and by the way, another email from one of the victims has gone unanswered yet again.

It boggles the mind, folks.

For the record, criminals are regularly released by the courts for lack of due process, which includes the right to a speedy trial. Certainly in this case the victims are not criminals, but the lack of due process is completely astonishing.

Now, from the rumor mill, I keep hearing stories about this situation, which has become, shall we say, very toxic. This is another matter well beyond the scope of the so-called council vetting process involving another County law enforcement agency and some of Ms. Almond and the council’s vetted directors. Are we surprised?

Let me just say that Woodward and Bernstein would be scratching their heads on this one. And, after hearing the stories coming around, I am scratching my head as well. The sad part is that I keep wondering, “What were they thinking???”

Why would an elected official get involved with this so-called eviction run amok? From there it just gets deeper.

For me, what our councilman is not doing to help resolve the situation—or even to take the time to offer help—is beyond me. These are the people that put you in office; don’t you think they at least deserve a phone call?

Where is the transparency in county government? Where is the oath to serve the people and not some stupid agenda?

I ask one question and I get sent on another round of “ring around the Rosie.”

I asked Ms. Armacoast (police media releations) about who signs the speed camera tickets, which apparently is a top secret. I asked because I was told that the person who signed many of them was not qualified to do so.

Needless to say, the question is raised, and the wall goes up.

I asked what the homicide stats are for the last two years, because the Chief Jim Johnson keeps telling us how safe we are.

A bigger wall goes up.

I asked the school board a simple question and needed an act to congress to find out absolutely nothing about a simple question that requires either a yes or no.

And the really sad part is that the council rubber stamps all of this. Do you folks realize that are quite a few agencies inside the County that can investigate wrongdoing? Read the county charter.

To illustrate what I mean, the appointed ethics commission—which does not provide its services for free—has investigated about 2 cases in roughly the past 15 years. If I’m wrong, they can correct me, but I expect that they also have built up a big wall. Ms. Katz needs to L E A V E!

The bottom line is that I have a good idea why they won’t answer questions—there is a saying that the truth hurts.

And trust me when I say that there is a lot of pain yet to come because I have a pretty good idea what the truth is.

Stay tuned. The ride is about to get bumpy.

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