Dundalk Chamber Secretary Ousted Over Potential Conflict of Interest
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th February 2018
William Feuer is no longer Secretary of Dundalk Chamber of Commerce. (Photo Credit/East County Times


Sources inside the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce confirmed that Secretary William Feuer has been ousted from his position due to a potential conflict of interest.

What apparently triggered the move was Mr. Feuer entering the race to become a BCPS board member. Once that became known to the DCOC, they asked Mr. Feuer to step down. He then submitted his letter of resignation.

Mr. Feuer’s community activism has not been without controversy on several fronts.

At the time, while President of the Dundalk Optimists Club, Mr. Feuer helped orchestrate giving the citizen the year award to Councilman Todd Crandell’s aide, Ron Metzger.

In another incident, Mr. Feuer was also involved in denying access to a meeting where Councilman Todd Crandell was speaking. The East County Republican Club had advertised the meeting as being open to the general public … until the Post showed up with a camera. We were then told the meeting was closed and no media was allowed. However, there was no need for a private agenda, which would entail only representatives of the ECRP meeting privately to discuss business.

The Baltimore Post interviewed several people dismayed by the DRC’s efforts to, as one person put it, “take control of Dundalk.”

The Post recently covered some of the controversy surrounding the DRC, their funding, and the politicians who control how our tax dollars are spent.

One day after the Post criticized the DRC striving to bring more Section 8 housing into an already impoverished district, Governor Larry Hogan applauded the efforts of this embattled nonprofit for infusing new life into our area. However, those efforts are focused on Tradepoint Atlantic bringing Under Armour and its promise of bringing thousands of jobs to the 7th District.

You may remember this column about TPA and UA. The logic behind that deal left us scratching our heads.

It is quite clear, at least to us, that Gov. Hogan is willing to spend a ton of our hard tax dollars even though the likelihood of success seems rather daunting. Once again, we refer to this report on the unabated corporate welfare.

In closing, regarding Gov. Hogan’s free-wheeling spending of our tax dollars, here is a classic example from The Baltimore Sun.

Folks, no matter how you cut it or what color crayon you use, the math is just not there in plain $$$ and ¢¢¢.

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