Dundalk residents on edge as area is besieged by high explosive fireworks
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th July 2020

For some, setting off fireworks is a way to celebrate our nation’s independence.

But today, others may see setting off these illegal fireworks as the beginning of anarchy.

Explosions ripped through the night in Dundalk. The smell of sulfur permeated the air, growing more intense by the minute. At times, one may have felt smothered by the carnage of high explosive fireworks.

One group was setting off fireworks in between motor vehicles. Some of the explosive elements were set off right next to the vehicles’ gas tanks. One can only imagine what would’ve happened if one of the sparks penetrated a fuel tank and caused a massive explosion as children sat by watching casually.

This year was the worst we can remember. The unabated fireworks sounded like massive cannon fire. The 911 call center was swamped. The Baltimore Post attempted to contact the non-emergency police number, but we abandoned the attempt after waiting more than five minutes.

After realizing there were children were at risk, we decided to call 911. That led to another lengthy delay. Thankfully the 911 call center got back to us and stated that help was on the way.

Despite that claim, the carnage continued.

After more than two hours, an exhausted looking police officer knocked on my door. The officer apologized and said the police were doing the best they could. I told them it’s not their fault. You can only enforce the law if leadership allows you.

I was infuriated when the officer told me they were working shorthanded. I was shocked. This was not a good night to be short on personnel; it had to be probably one of the busiest nights of the year.

The lawlessness that has gripped our nation and neighborhoods must stop if we are to live like civilized citizens.

As reported recently by the Baltimore Post, some recently reported explosions were gunfire, not fireworks, as residents claimed approximately 30 shell casings were discovered at the scene.

In our opinion, Baltimore County Executive Johnny O has lost control of the violence in Baltimore County. He continues to allow these protesters to “own the joint” similar to the situation in New York, which is now seemingly controlled by the mobs of anarchists.

Baltimore County set a record for the number of homicides committed under Johnny O’s watch. If he continues this non-action to cater to mob rule, the lawless will rule over the law-abiding.


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