The Eagle Needs to Sharpen Its Reporting Talons
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 14th March 2017

If you read the Dundalk Eagle, one might think that the 5th, 6th, and 7th districts are booming when in fact they are not, as shown by this video:


Publications should be honest with their readers.


In this column, we’ll take a look at Councilman Todd Crandell’s District 7.

Rather than do a little research, the Eagle reporters wind up pumping out the propaganda of the administration. Let’s take a closer look at the Eagle’s article on the topic.

“Councilwoman Cathy Bevins (D-6), Councilman Todd Crandell (R-7) and Councilman David Marks (R-5) attended the meeting to update the chamber on the issues impacting Baltimore County during the new legislative session.”

Now, relatively speaking, that may be a bit premature considering the legislative session isn’t over and we have no idea regarding the outcome of any legislation our four legislative reps have submitted.

We do know that State Senator James Brochin’s bill to stop the pay-to-play situation that has infested the county council has failed in, as Pat McDonough likes to call it, “the asylum.”

Both Crandell (TradePoint) and Bevins (Paragon Outlet Mall) have partaken in those situations. You didn’t read about that in the Eagle, though.

However, you did read this:

Crandell spoke, outlining his optimistic views of the future of District 7.

“We’re right on the cusp of turning this all around,” he said.”
If Councilman Crandell was referring to turning anything around, he might want to start with the roads in Dundalk.  Has anyone driven around the Dundalk Post Office or, for that matter, any of the roads around the entire 7th District?
The only road work lately dealt with the end of Merrit Blvd., which was repaved and thickened to accompany heavy truck traffic destined for (you guessed it) TradePoint Atlantic.
Does it strike anyone odd that the bridge on Peninsula Highway received some special treatment last year when there are so many more bridges in far worse shape?
Here is another quote that lacked any research by the Eagle’s reporter.

Crandell mentioned how organizations across the County have been working together to solve quality of life issues that have arisen for 20-30 years of an economic down spiral due to the closures of local job-creating industries like Bethlehem Steel and Western Electric

“We have facilitated groups working together. We have at least 50 different community associations in the district. They were all desperate, they weren’t working together,” said Crandell.

I have interviewed numerous community leaders, and they are not echoing Mr. Crandell’s sentiments.  In fact, I’m hearing quite the opposite.  There is a lot of dissension among various groups that don’t agree with the councilman’s agenda.

Now this quote is one for the ages:

That’s changed, he said, and organizations like the Back River Restoration Committee and the clean-up crew at Cliff’s Hi-Tech Auto Body Shop have partnered up with Dundalk organizations to clean up trash, board up vacant homes, and work with and support local businesses and their owners.

“The businesses’ success is the community success”

While District 7 has been feeling negative repercussions from decades of job loss, he said it is also the home of the largest redevelopment on East Coast with the rebuilding of the Tradepoint Atlantic site.

The reference to the body shop sounds like a $10,000 advertisement to me (hint, hint).

Looking at Mr. Crandell’s  quote in the Eagle , “We have facilitated groups working together,” I guess he forgot about a Dundalk Pastor who, so far, has sent 7 emails to the councilman’s office seeking a 7th District meeting involving all of the local community groups. To nobody’s surprise, at least not mine, the Pastor has not heard back one time in 7 tries.

Regarding the TradePoint Atlantic issue, Councilman Crandell had the following quote in the Eagle:

“They are bringing manufacturing jobs, not logistic jobs to the site. What this means is our district is on the rise,” said Crandell. “The Tradepoint project has been the spark for a lot of other activity going on in the district.”

Both the Federal Express and Under Armour projects involve logistical jobs, not manufacturing jobs.  There was no mention of the corporate welfare TPA is requesting.  So far, the cost to the taxpayers, if  the sum is granted, could reach upwards of $260 million dollars in tax breaks and infrastructure upgrades.
How does that translate into jobs for Dundalk?  It doesn’t, according to a NY Times article.
That’s enough for now on Mr. Crandell. We’ll take a look at some of the issues Councilman Marks and Mrs. Bevins are dealing with in this slight of hand propaganda the Eagle is spinning.
I would say that the Eagle should stop being a cheerleader for our elected officials because, in the end, the publication is doing its readers a disservice. This video clearly shows there are problems among the various community associations, among other things.

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