Eastpoint: Sun to interview Colgate community leader following statement to WCBM
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 23rd April 2019
Second Eastpoint Mall Altercation
Photo Credit: The Baltimore Post Staff Photographer

Donna Metlin, the president of the Colgate Community Association, sent us the following letter pertaining to a statement she provided to WCBM Radio 680:

“My name is Donna Metlin and I’m the President of the Colgate Improvement Association, the community that was affected by the crowd from the carnival.  I called during your show to make a statement but was told you were trying to get Councilman Crandell on the phone and asked that I call back.  As he never spoke, I’m sending this statement.

To begin with, NOT ONE politician has contacted me for input from the community.  They’ve commented speaking for this community and claim to be working with the community.  This is absolutely not true.  Some of their statements undermine the relationship we have with the Eastpoint Mall, which has been very supportive of our communities.

As for the carnival, Jolly Shows responsibly shut the carnival down when unexpectedly 1,000 people showed up.  They had no idea that many would come.  The police were called to clear the area.  It was lack of crowd control that led to the mob herded into the Colgate community.  The mall was closed.  Eastern Ave was closed.  Buses were on holiday schedule.  There was no way out and no place to go, so they came into Colgate.  If there was a plan to contain the crowd, it would not have taken 4 hours, helicopters, K9 units and a boatload of officers to get it under control.

On April 8, I requested directly to the Captain resources to protect my community during carnival nights and was told resources were not available. The request was for one squad car to show police presence. Instead of being proactive, all these units and officers were called in at the taxpayer’s expense. Now the carnival is shut down creating one less family event for the area and harming the local economy.

Mr. Crandell’s statement (see attached) is embarrassing.  This carnival, which has been there for years twice a year, is located on the County/City line.  Of course, city residents will attend!  To make this a racial or political event is unbecoming for a person who is supposed to represent our diverse communities.”

Here is the statement made by Councilman Crandell:

To view more, including the comments made about Councilman Crandell’s post, visit his Facebook page.

In addition to County Executive Johnny O weighing in on the situation with his post, “The recent event had Eastpoint Mall,” Ms. Metlin’s comments set off a firestorm of responses from residents impacted by the situation.

Ms. Metlin advised the Post that The Baltimore Sun had contacted her for an interview.




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