Editorial: How long will the “suicide of a superpower” take?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 11th November 2018
This politician, who is running for the United States Senate, claims it’s okay to go overseas and fight for the Taliban. (Photo credit: Fox 10)

Patrick J. Buchanan, the New York Times best-selling author, wondered aloud in his book Suicide of a Superpower, originally published in 2011,”Will America survive to 2025?”

This column will cover the race for the mid-term Senate seat battle in Arizona, which pits Democrat Krysten Sinema against retired Air Force Colonel and combat veteran Republican Martha McSally

We also provide some insight into Mr. Buchanan’s predictions that our nation is on the brink of disaster.

The following quote is a brief summation of the book’s tone–it should give pause to everyone regarding the direction this nation is headed.

America is being transformed into a multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic stew but nation that has no successful president in the history of the world.

Another very interesting quote about Mr. Buchanan’s book comes from the liberal Washington Post, in which columnist Robert Samuelson writes the following:

For all the celebration of “diversity,” it’s sameness that dominates. Most people favor friendship with those who have similar backgrounds, interest and values. It makes for more shared experiences, easier conversations, and more comfortable silences. Despite many expectations, the urge is nearly universal. It’s human nature.

A rather strong statement, folks. However, there are sufficient amounts of historical evidence to authenticate what was said. All one has to do is look at the history of Rome, the Middle East, and the situation between the Israelis and Palestinians in their centuries-old conflict.

Let’s go a step further and look at the situations involving conflicts among people of the same ethnic background. You find more evidence in the ethnic cleansing that took place in the Bosnian Serb war or the Rwanda genocide. In addition, there are similar conflicts happening in Northern Ireland.

One would think that the next comment adds some salt to the wounds left by our divisive population:

“As an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there and I’m fighting for the Taliban. I’m saying that’s a personal decision.”

Ms. Sinena’s words are an insult to those who fought and died to defend our country against acts of terrorism.

Here’s another quote from an article written about Ms. Sinema in an attempt to cover up her disgusting left-wing agenda:

She has since softened her stance, arguing that military intervention should be a last resort if aggressive diplomacy fails.

The problem with this statement is that Ms. Sinema apparently forgot about 9/11.

Maybe her knowledge of the Taliban is rather limited, or her thought process is completely distorted. If one takes her statement at face value, then she does not understand what women’s rights are in many areas of the Middle East, especially since the Taliban supports strict Sharia Law.

Could it also be that this left-winger is just out of touch when it comes to the basic knowledge one should have to become a senator?

Any real candidate would certainly understand the direct link between ISIS and the Taliban. To those less informed, both of these groups like chopping people’s heads off while killing innocent women and children.

What is incomprehensible is that people of the state of Arizona would have to give a moment’s thought about who to vote for after the scandalous comments made by Ms. Sinena. One would think the decision would be a no-brainer!

However, just as Mr. Buchanan writes in his book, this entire country’s has become divided to the point that someone would have to ponder which one of the candidates to support, all based upon whether there is a D or an R on the ballot.

We just don’t choose the best candidates anymore.

The Post could use some more superlative language to describe our feelings regarding Ms. Sinena’s outlandish, egregious, and obtuse comments, but we will digress.

On this Veterans Day, we choose to honor the men and women who fought and died for this country.

We will also pay the airfare for the first flight out of the United States if Ms. Sinema actually chooses to join the Taliban.

We wrap this column with a question to ponder: Could it be that invasion the President predicted is already here?

As always, “You read; you decide.”

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