EXCLUSIVE: Beating Case Changes Venue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

October 27, 2015 3:04 pm ET

County judge remands three juveniles charged as adults back to juvenile court.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Beating Case Changes Venue

Photo credits/ The victim and the judge

This appears to be one of those moments, folks, when justice is not served … or it is served stone cold.

Three juveniles, who were originally charged as adults with felony charges of assault and robbery in the vicious beating and robbery of Mr. Richard Fletcher, a 61-year-old Dundalk resident who lived near the troubled Baltimore Community High School, are headed back to juvenile court.

Baltimore County Judge Judith C. Ensor, after hearing motions from defense attorneys representing three juveniles, agreed to remand the case back to the juvenile court even though the three defendants were active participants in the beating and robbery of the victim.

A spokesperson did acknowledge that the prosecution did not object to moving the venue for one teen who took property form Mr. Flecther after the beating, but took no direct part in the assault.

One more case is still pending as the court decides whether the defendant stays in the adult system or is remanded back to juvenile court.

Due to the age of the suspects and the nature of the proceedings, no further information was provide.

I decided to look into this issue (once a cop, always a cop, I suppose) when there was nothing in the media regarding the adjudication of these cases. Given the severity of the beatings and the press coverage afterward, these cases just don’t disappear unless they are swept under the proverbial rug.

You see, folks, there is a lot of political fallout over a misstep in a high-profile case such as this.

So, I made some phone calls late yesterday, and the Baltimore County States Attorney’s Office called me this morning with the update on the proceedings.

The spokesperson stated the delays were a direct result of the defense attorneys arguing before the bleeding heart liberal judge that these defendants should not have been charged as adults, but rather as juveniles.

Sad to say—despite the seriousness of this crime and the fact that an elderly man was beaten beyond recognition and robbed as members of the pack took video of the incident—Judge Ensor agreed with the defense attorneys and overruled the county States Attorney’s Office, sending three of the main suspects back to juvenile court.

In my opinion, the move is a direct slap in the face of the criminal justice system, as well as a double slap in the faces of our law abiding citizens.

In my analysis, these defendants have been through kindergarten, pre-K, and middle school. They are old enough to know right from wrong and are now in the real world, where blood flows red and victims pay with a lifetime of suffering.

Maybe Judge Ensor should read the NY papers, specifically the story about when a liberal judge gave a career criminal a “get out of jail free” card and, as a result, is now crying to the media about how sorry she is as her picture graces the front page.

Now, I know the standard argument is that these “poor children” will be abused if sent to an adult prison, but the stats show that the same abuse occurs in youth facilities as well.

Cutting to the chase, the bottom line to controlling crime is that putting more criminals behind bars makes the crime rate go down.

I’m posting this link because of Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s statement regarding the issue of higher incarceration rates leading to lower crimes stats. The liberal attitude that prevails against the truth, as Mr. O’Reilly explains, plays a role in the impact of crime and its victims.

Plain and simple, lies cover up the truth and lead to a breakdown of society, which ultimately destroys the thread that binds our civilization into a nation. Just like cancer cells, those lies grow and eventually destroys the host, which is the U.S. (or us, if you will).

Judge Ensor should have realized that this is not a shoplifting case, but rather one that nearly cost the victim his life. In addition, this type of crime festers in the community, creating a climate of fear among the citizens who expect the criminal justice to do its job and not play games.

There may be some who argue that the judge has a right to make this decision, but—as we saw with the NY case where a police officer lost his life—a bleeding heart liberal judge’s decision can lead to more bloodshed.

These charges are the most egregious in nature, and the offenders were old enough to know better. To that end, the track record of intimidation, fear, and disrespect that kept a community held captive for years are not issues that should be taken lightly.

All I can say is, with this case heading back to juvenile court, just watch what happens in the end. You will hear the sound of a small hand slap echoing through the halls of the county courthouse, and crime as usual will continue.

The real truth lies in between liberalism and the fact that crime is big business, like any corporate entity in this country.

But more on that later…

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