EXCLUSIVE: County Police Officer Victim of Wife’s Investigation
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

June 26, 2015 1:17 pm ET

SWAT Sergeant has police powers suspended in wake of wife’s embezzlement case

Source: EXCLUSIVE: County Police Officer Victim of Wife’s Investigation

On April 17, I presented an exclusive post regarding a raid conducted by the Harford County Sheriff’s Department and Baltimore County Police Department involving a theft and embezzlement case. To refresh your memory, the raid focused on Tina M. Galloway, wife of Baltimore County Police Sergeant Dan Galloway, who was suspected of misallocating funds from Health Care United Federal Credit Union.

Now, in another exclusive, I can tell you that the investigation into Mrs. Galloway has now directly affected her husband’s position with the police department.

An internal memo obtained through a police source close to the investigation revealed the following:

Effective immediately, the police powers of Sergeant Daniel Galloway, #4180 have been suspended. Entry into any secure facility will require that he be escorted.
Captain Donna M. Benton, #3651
Special Operations Section.

According to the police report, the dual investigation is focusing on Mrs. Galloway’s time as CEO at the credit union, during which she is believed to have been involved in a scheme of embezzlement and potential theft of $80,000. At the core of the investigation are credit union loans secured by Mrs. Galloway and other family members, including her husband.

Mrs. Galloway has since resigned her position of CEO at the credit union, where she had worked for 15 years.

To read the first article about the investigation, click on the shaded area.

FYI, Sgt. Galloway was the SWAT Sergeant during the time of some upheaval in the unit, which saw veterans transfer elsewhere.

Sources close to the investigation have told me that Sgt. Galloway has been working at the records section with pay. That is generally where an officer is sent if he is still being paid while the investigation continues. Consider it “modified duty.”

Back in my day, the modified duty was to be stationed in the telephone reporting unit, which could be within the records section.

I would ask more about Sgt. Galloway’s status, but past experience has told me to not waste my breath. The county police department is not transparent when it comes to any news that is not good news.

To the powers that be within the department, the truth really does hurt.

Generally speaking, since Internal Affairs moved to suspend Sgt. Galloway, my assessment would be that they are winding up the case regarding Mrs. Galloway and it does not bode well for her or her husband.

Suspensions are not taken lightly, and even favored sons can get caught up in the grinding wheels of justice.

Years ago, you could bury this kind of situation and let the summer breezes blow it away. However, with many more news outlets out there watching today, the department will not risk a bigger scandal in attempting to sweep something like this under the proverbial rug. That would cause a storm cloud that could easily blow some well-heeled careers down the tubes.

So, as they say in showbiz, stay tuned for the next episode of, “Who the hell knows what they’ll do next?”

Honestly, your guess would be as good as mine.

Well, almost as good…

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