EXCLUSIVE Part II: Trigger Pullers Roam Free as Homicide Rates Rise to Near Record Levels
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th May 2017


Still shot of confrontation between the suspect (circled in yellow) and a city police officer.

Part II in the Post’s look into the bloodshed in the city of Baltimore


Men in black robes are just as dangerous as the criminals…


In a great example of journalistic integrity, the video featured below from WJZ TV 13 sums up the reasons why violence is out of control in the city.  These issues are part of an ongoing crisis that we continue to examine in Part II of our investigative series.

First, take a look at this video to get the basics on the recent carnage.

Before we proceed with this look into the culture of violence, and the reasons it was allowed to fester, we have to establish the credibility of our sources, know as Deep Blue. A CBS story stated that, other than the seven detectives arrested, there was no evidence of wrongdoing by other plainclothes officers.

With that resolved, we can look at some of the reasons  of the city’s descent into bloodshed.

Here is one article from the Sun that goes to the heart of a failed crime policy in Baltimore City.  The headline reads, “Baltimore mayor’s crime office in disarray amid staff departures.”

It goes down hill from there with this other story from the Sun.  That headline reads, “With a homicide a day in 2017, Pugh says Baltimore crime-fighting strategy is ‘not working’.”

Well, Mayor Pugh, I guess the main issue would be that you gutted the one main crime fighting tools that worked.  Here is how that went down according to the Sun.

In my humble opinion, I seriously doubt that that Commissioner Davis would–as the old idiom says–“throw the bath water out with the baby.” It seems unlikely that the commissioner would take such drastic action, allowing the trigger pullers to rule the streets of the city and create a stain of blood stemming from the culture of death.

This culture is reinforced by men in black robes who hand out meaningless sentences; for example, a violent offender receiving as little as one year behind bars for a serious gun crime.

Below is some more insightful information from Deep Blue.

Another report from WJZ TV details more reasons for the near record numbers of homicides. Although the CBS story does not discuss the criminal records of the two repeat offenders, Deep Blue sources make those records loud and clear.

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– City police arrested two suspects Monday who are connected to shooting a 40-year-old man.

Officers arrested William Lee, 29, and Devone Manning, 20, for allegedly shooting a man in the 3900 block of Belvieu Avenue on February 25.

Both were transported to Central Booking and charged with attempted first-degree murder.


One more prime example of the trigger pullers roaming free.

Just some food for thought:


In Part III, we will take a look at some of the data and personalize the numbers through interviews with our Deep Blue sources.  Additionally, the facts will show that the answer to this crime wave does not involve rocket science, but rather the concept of  community policing, which has had an impact on other major cities.

(Note:  The BCPS and the Dundalk High station is still under investigation. Stay tuned)

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