EXCLUSIVE: Revealing the Reasons for Rising Homicide Rates
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th May 2017
This photo about sums it up regarding the ongoing slaughter in the city.


This is the first in an exclusive investigative series about the ongoing, out of control homicide rates in Baltimore City


Saying that everything happens for a reason is the modern, New Age version of the old religious adage: “It’s God’s will.”

But let’s leave religion out of this because I’m quite sure it’s not God’s will to allow the slaughter that is taking place in Baltimore City. There are a ton of reasons why Baltimore is experiencing an unprecedented rise in homicides, and none of them concern God.

In plain language, God does not “pull the trigger;” people do.

Now that I have separated the reality from the perception, it’s time to take a hard look at why the city is engulfed in a numerical crisis of death by homicide, but also a pervading culture that allows this to happen.

In fact, the culture actually fosters the environment that will continue the mass killings.

As publisher of the Post, this is my first inroad into Baltimore City; most of our articles focus on Baltimore County, with a few forays into national issues. But this one was to important to ignore, so I will get right to it.

From the get-go of this exclusive and accountable look at the real reasons for the city’s murderous plight, we only have to look at the featured image of this column. That really sums up the culture that has allowed violence of this nature to grow in its veracity. It also highlights an underlying support system that involves the media (good and bad), failed leadership at the highest levels of city government, and the former President’s intrusion into a situation that should have been none of the federal government’s damn business.

Let me clarify that last statement. The Obama administration was sticking its nose into every aspect of American culture with disastrous results, yet the administration could not deal with its own business. Case in point is the city of Chicago, Obama’s hometown. We all know that Chicago is in a race with Baltimore to determine which is the most violent and dysfunctional city in the nation.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see how the impact of the liberal movement has stained the two cities and our nation as a whole.  “How so?” the left may scream.  The reasons are visible to anyone who has at least one eye open and has the power to think even at the basic level of a fifth grader.

This federal intrusion goes back to the famous “beer conference” with a local situation that was vaulted into the national spotlight because of race.  Here is an interesting quote from an article that illustrates the point I’m trying to make:

“At a news conference July 22, Obama inflamed the discussion when he said the Cambridge police ‘acted stupidly’ when they arrested Gates. Two days later, Obama told reporters he wished he had ‘calibrated’ his words differently and did not mean to malign the police. Obama said he believed Gates and Crowley had ‘overreacted’ to events.”

Sorry, Mr. Former President, but the cat’s out of the bag.  This is not the only time the President interfered with local politics.  Obama pushed the Department of Justice, under the disgraced former AG Eric Holder (contempt of Congress charges), into a multitude of investigations of local police departments, including Ferguson, Chicago, and now Baltimore.

Under the Trump administration, our new AG Jeff Sessions is calling a reprieve to the undermining of local police departments who are under siege by liberal groups such as Black Lives Matter and left wing college campuses. Not to mention the Democratic party, under which this cancer has been allowed to grow.

Calling into question the BLM movement, can someone please show me the data regarding alleged racially motivated police shootings? Everything I have seen puts these at the low end of the spectrum. Yet this group continues to protest in the streets of Chicago and Baltimore about blacks being killed in record numbers.  Where are the BLM demonstrations against black on black crime.  If you can find one let me know.

Show me the data to support that and then we’ll talk.

I want to refer to the term “articulation of probable cause,” something cops learn in police training 101.  Simply put, that means you lay the solid foundation of the facts before getting into the actual investigation.  What I have attempted to do here in this first column is lay the groundwork for the facts of what is causing the slaughter to continue in Baltimore City.

There are two more points that started off this quest for the truth regarding this controversial issue, at least by liberal standards.

Number one, I am a retired 39-year  veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department, and there was a certain trust factor involved in that role. (To that end, the Post is the only publication not tainted by a left-wing agenda.)

Number two, even the liberal Sun can write some great articles if the paper’s reporters are allowed to go after the facts and not cloud them in a editorial counterculture.

In this series, I will point out a problem that can be addressed and have a profound impact on the murder rate in a beleaguered and divided city. In order to do that, the pieces of the puzzle have to be assembled correctly. Heck, even the now left-wing bastion of the Baltimore Sun might support our conclusions.

You see, this whole issue started when, “from the days of the Watergate investigation,” the then-great Washington Post ran with the facts, which included a source called Deep Throat. 

In this series, there will be a new source of information that I will refer to as Deep Blue, or DB for short.  DB is not a person, but a number of sources who reached out to the Post for obvious reasons.

In the next installment, the whole Post staff–writers, IT team, and editor–will bring you the meat of this investigation. Our goal is to provide the information in a way that is simple enough for a fifth grader to understand. This is a nightmare that comes from lack of leadership on all levels of city government, and we are now caught in a situation where the trigger pullers rule the streets of Baltimore.

(Up next:  The Deep Blue Sea rushed (phoned) in and the quest for the truth began in going after the trigger pullers.)

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