Update: Executive Silence: Kamenetz Keeping Quiet on Important Issues
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2018
Mr. Kamenetz, the buck stops on your desk.  (Photo Credit: www.baltimorecountymd.gov)


Update:  The Baltimore County Police Department updated their public safety site regarding the incident that occurred at the Perry Hall High School.  The update was posted on January 19, 2018 at 9 AM.

In regards to the time-frame as indicated in our column, The Baltimore Post copied the Public Safety link just prior to the publication of our article which authenticated this story.

A police spokesperson attributed the issue to a glitch in the system.

After the recent violence at Perry Hall High School captured on cell phone video, social media has been “abuzz” (no pun intended … or is it?) over a potential cover-up by BCPS officials and the Baltimore County Police Department. Below are two such Facebook comments, which we have paraphrased into one statement, that pertain to the potential lack of transparency:

Why isn’t his name released. Why aren’t they announcing he is a student at the high school. Who are the other 8. Any over 18. We want specifics. What are their addresses as reported to BCPS? We as parents have the right to know what exactly is happening. A press conference must be held immediately. If this was a fake gun, where is the orange tip? We aren’t going away this time

I read this article. It was not mentioned (left out) on other posts. Speaking to the “transparency” or lack there of.

So, the ultimate question is who is responsible for the lack of transparency?

In order to find out, we will go back to a past event at PHHS and take a look at how the school principal responded.

There are numerous other examples of the continuing crisis within BCPS, as well as the complete lack of transparency from the Kamenetz administration:

To further prove our point, let’s take a look at the timeline of the latest incident at PHHS.

The actual event occurred on January 18, 2018 at approximately 11:30 AM. With that in mind, let’s look at when any information was released by either BCPS officials or by the Baltimore County Police Department.

As of 2:05 PM on January 21, 2018, there is still no information regarding the incident at PHHS posted on the Baltimore County Public Safety News site.

What is more interesting is that the incident, which occurred in the Precinct 9 area (that includes PHHS), there is also no mention of the incident.

What you will see in the White Marsh area are news reports about several burglaries in the area. Were these burglaries reported on by every mainstream media publication in the entire Baltimore metropolitan area? No. What dominated the news was the incident at PHHS, yet that is suspiciously absent from both of these Baltimore County Public Safety sites.

There is an interesting quote from the Baltimore Sun regarding the arrest of  18-year-old Darren Keith Bennett Jr.

The incident is being investigated but according to police, there was no credible threat to students or staff today,” district spokeswoman Dolores Pierorazio wrote in an email.

That statement appears to be both lame and incredulous at the same time. If, in fact, there was no credible threat, then why did the police respond in force, as well as have additional patrols around the school the following day?

We think you get the drift on that issue.

After the investigation by the Baltimore County Police, along with Councilman David Marks comments, wherein lies the blame for this complete breakdown in communication?

The answer is found in the below photo of the man who is responsible for every aspect of Baltimore County Government, including the public safety of every citizen living within those boundaries.



In this particular photo, Mr. Kamenetz was yelling at people gathered at the news conference. He  told them that it was his time to talk and for the people to listen. Unfortunately, that is not what has taken place under his administration, unless it is something that can be sugarcoated. Mr. Kamenetz only wants information shared that puts his gubernatorial aspirations in a favorable light. Sadly, Mr. Kamenetz’ s decisions cast a rather long shadow cast upon his credibility as a leader, as well as the complete lack of transparency regarding tough issues.

The violence at BCPS is just such an issue.

The Baltimore County Executive controls the police department, and our brave men and women in blue must follow what Mr. Kamenetz dictates … whether they like it or not.

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