Flunky Filmmaker’s Fox Fight Fallout
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th March 2017
The out of control interview


Update: It appears that the people have spoken and Mr. Pollock has changed his FB site and removed all comments because of the magnitude of  the negative tone.

Folks, what you’re about to see is one of the most in-your-face obnoxious interviews from a nobody trying to be a somebody.  This guy reminds me of Charles Manson, who would stop at nothing to become famous and, when he could not accomplish that fame the legitimate way as a musician, became infamous as a serial killer.

Today, Manson lies in a prison hospital bed near death.  But he’s spent a lot of years seeing nothing but the inside of a prison cell.

Meanwhile, Jason Pollock, an amateur filmmaker and flunky of Michael Moore, is the subject of this column, stemming from his interview with Fox’s Martha MacCallum.

(Spoiler alert: Ms. MacCallum took the flunky filmmaker to school, as the saying goes.)

Mr. Pollock’s rant about Michael Brown and the Ferguson case caused a uprising of protests, including a mini riot in front of the convince store where the event originally started.

You have to see this interview to believe it; afterward, take a look at Pollock’s state of mind through his postings on Facebook, along with what people think of him and his attempt at grabbing the spotlight in a never ending attempt at self promotion.

What is interesting is that Pollock overlooks the fact the the Obama’s Justice Department, lead by Eric Holder, conducted the investigation into the Michael Brown shooting.

Watch the video and you can decide for yourself:


Clip courtesy of YouTube.

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