Former BCPS Board Member and Potential Council Candidate Crosses the Line
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 28th July 2017
This far left former BCPS board member will be another Doctor Dance clone. If she is elected to the county council, it would be a disaster.


Questioning the candidate’s ethics, censorship

Ms. Johnson wants more diversity in already failing in overcrowded county schools


Baltimore Magazine published a very interesting article that dealt with redistricting Baltimore County Public Schools. One particular point of interest is the following quote:

“You don’t really think about segregation in schools in 2017,” said Marisol Johnson, vice chair of the Board of Education for BCPS. “But need to make an effort to integrate them and make them more diverse.”

This quote was recorded just prior to Ms. Johnson leaving her position as a Baltimore County Public Schools Board Member. However, there is one important fact that she forgot–she is running for a position on the other side of the county, and yet she insisted on interfering with affairs beyond her range of counselmatic concern. One might not be so concerned if she was running for a countywide post, but she is not.

So, we are left to ponder why Ms. Johnson wants to meddle in school affairs that are way out of her district, especially now that she’s no longer on the school board.

Does Ms. Johnson think for a moment that the parents on the east side of Baltimore County are going to stand for another politician interfering with their children’s education and deciding where they can go to school?

The answer to that question is, “I don’t think so!”

Another interesting fact about Miss Johnson is that she runs roughshod over a Facebook page that deals with education in Baltimore County Public Schools.

The name of the site is ABCSchools (Advocates for Baltimore County Schools). The Facebook page has more than 2,000 members.

Another burning issue–control and censorship of the Facebook page concerning Baltimore County Public Schools

Recently, The Baltimore Post received numerous complaints of censorship regarding that Facebook site. It appears that Ms. Johnson and at the time another moderator possibly were censuring comments that go against Ms. Johnson’s liberal agenda.

There are many notable members of this group, including another potential county politician–John Olszewski, Jr.  What is striking about that revelation is that I have never read a comment from Mr. Olszewski regarding many of the complex problems facing BCPS.  The Post will have a more detailed report on Mr. Olszewski’s campaign for the top slot in Baltimore County later.

As many of you may know, Mr. Olszewski lost his bid for the Senate to newcomer Johnny Salling, which–in my opinion–was the biggest political upset in the last 30 years.



Regarding the above photo, I want you to read carefully what I consider to be somewhat confusing, because it’s certainly not the truth. As I stated before, the Post has received recent complaints from other citizens regarding censorship on that page. I love the quote of “to join in the interactive discussion.” The term I would use for that is “poppycock!!!” Or, to be blunt, that statement is pure BS, which does not stand for “Baltimore Schools.”

Now in all fairness the Post has learned there may be a movement within the group to be more inclusive of varying comments. Unfortunately the Post was also censured by the site and therefore time will tell if the sincerity is there to reform the ABCS.  It should also be noted that the site took a stance in some very controversial issues involving the direction of BCPS.

Look closely at the screenshot below and you will notice the quote surrounded by some shameless stars: “Now call my office so that I can afford to do good for my clients (you should be one) AND community at large.”


Those words brought condemnation to Ms. Johnson for improper conduct, specifically a conflict of interest. Sorry, Ms. Johnson, but your words reek of politics and cronyism.

In my humble opinion, if this is any indication of your bid for county council, then you fall right in line with the rest of the clones already sitting in Towson.

The photo below demonstrates more strong arm tactics in controlling the narrative of this extremely closed Facebook site. In fact, when first confronted regarding her support of Ms. Johnson Dayana, Bergman, also a member of the group, denied working directly for Ms. Johnson.  However, when confronted with the photo, Ms. Bergman finally admitted that she did work for Ms. Johnson’s office.



That is seemingly two strikes, and there is one more screenshot photo that will record the strikeout.

Ms. Johnson, in her bid for County Council, has stated that she intends to follow the same path as the recently departed Dr. Dallas Dance. Dr. Dance’s sudden departure left many people scratching their heads. Many wondered why a man who supposedly was a visionary would pack his bags so quickly and leave town, especially when he was leaving behind a school system plagued by violence, lack of transparency, and dysfunctional programs.

Yet, a former school board member who saw the carnage wants to stay on the same path. That is just beyond my comprehension.

Ms. Johnson seems adamant on following Dr. Dance’s failed STAT Program, which some estimates say could cost Baltimore County taxpayers as much as $1 billion. That figure is based on the projected cost over the life of the STAT Program.

Another interesting fact that you will read more about exclusively here in the Post is that Dr. Dance, while under an ethics investigation, did a CYA on his financial disclosure forms. The Post has obtained those forms from a source, who provided all of the appropriate paperwork. Trust me when I say some of it is quite shocking.



I think that, as a potential county council candidate, Ms. Johnson may want to reconsider the path she has chosen to follow.

For her information, by the way, Baltimore County is already quite diverse.

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