Former Governor, Current Laughing Stock
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

July 25, 2015 8:48 pm ET

O’Malley’s claim that global warming created ISIS draws jeers, sneers

Source: Former Governor, Current Laughing Stock

One says keep your own doctor and one says climate change caused ISIS. SURE!

Folks, the story behind this blog post is that Former Maryland Governor O’Malley made a statement on national television that ISIS was created by global warming.

Go ahead and let that one sink in a bit.

The really sad part is that O’Malley really believes he is a contender to be the next resident of the White House. Why on earth or he would make such a statement and become fodder for certain members of the media, such as comedian and commentator Dennis Miller, is beyond me.

Beyond that skewering, there is this caption of the FOX News site regarding this statement:

“Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus ripped Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley on Monday for linking the rise of the Islamic State to climate change.”

O’Malley made reference to various reasons in the Middle East for the rise of this notorious terrorist group, including drought supposedly brought about by climate change.

There is an old saying that goes, “Never fool with Mother Nature.” Not only did the former governor do just that, he is now feeling the wrath by blaming atrocities—like the beheading of innocent men, women, and children—to snowflakes and heat.

Both of those natural forces, by the way, are nipping at Mr. O’Malley’s declining prospects of finding a home in the White House, as well as the possibility of him winding up in the poor house, as a recent article in the Sun described his campaign finances.

I keep asking myself, “What person in his right mind would make such a blunder that the whole world can see and still think he is worthy of leading a nation?”

Climate change and terrorism comment blunders aside, it’s obvious that O’Malley is a fraud based on his early days of the Mayor of Baltimore, where his tough stance on crime and battles with then-Baltimore City States Attorney Pat Jessamy painted him as a “tough guy.”

Now, O’Malley is apologizing for saying “all lives matter.”

O’Malley’s far flung swing to the progressive left led Maryland to become a sanctuary state, and the $2 billion deficit he left us, along with his “pay to play scheme” after his tenure as governor, revealed one thing: He would sell his soul to follow his perceived political path.

Basically, he chose that route to buy votes from those who now have become dependent upon the government in order to survive.

O’Malley is portraying himself as farther left than Hillary Clinton and, after these latest off the wall statements, he just moved just left enough to possibly fall off the face of the earth, at least in the eyes of the voting public.

What is rather strange to me is that in today’s Sun editorial, the paper gave credence to O’Malley’s “Land of Oz theory,” but did not mention places like Chicago or Baltimore and the slaughter that continues in those places.

And the last time I checked, the term is Global Warming!

For O’Malley, the sun may be setting upon his political aspirations.

The heat got to him.

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