Former Gun Trace Task Force detective, Momodu Gondu, sentenced to 10 years in prison
Posted by Associated Press on 12th February 2019
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A former member of the Baltimore Police Department’s disgraced Gun Trace Task Force was sentenced to 10 years in prison on TuesdayExactly a year ago, Momodu Gondo pleaded guilty to aiding a drug organization and taking part in a racketeering conspiracy with members of his squad. He was facing a maximum of 40 years in prison, but was sentenced to 10. RELATED: Testimony reveals Officer Gondo’s 2006 shooting was drug feud, not police related.Gondo is part of a group of officers who were part of an elite gun unit in the Baltimore Police Department, named the Gun Trace Task Force. They engaged in robberies, extortion and time and attendance fraud. According an indictment, beginning in 2011, the defendants stole money, property, and narcotics by detaining victims, entering residences, conducting traffic stops, and swearing out false search warrant affidavits.