Franchot Endorses Staigerwald
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

May 22, 2014 11:08 am ET

Endorsement could signal coup d’état for Democratic council seat nod

Source: Franchot Endorses Staigerwald

As I said in a previous blog post, many times it is not what you know but who you know.

And, sometimes, it is both.

In what some refer to as a “deal breaker,” Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot has endorsed Buddy Staigerwald for the Democratic nod in the 7th District Baltimore County Council race.

I will give you political pundits a moment to let that sink in. (Pause) Finished? Good.

As if that little “coup” wasn’t enough, Staigerwald also has garnished the backing of the AFL-CIO. You know that union as the one that has belabored the point that there is little or no work for its members due to government trends of hiring immigrants at reduced salary rates.

But I will digress on that point and go back to Candidate Staigerwald, who indeed has scored himself a major political ally. The only other candidate to nab the endorsement of such a political heavyweight is uncontested Republican Todd Crandell, who has Governor Bob Ehrlich’s endorsement, which was announced recently at a fundraiser.

As I wrote earlier, I believe that, after the smoke has cleared, it will be a Crandell vs. Staigerwald race.

However, with that said, there is one candidate on the Democratic side that we often refer to as a “sleeper”—Brian Weir.

Weir got into the race late, which could hurt his chances. Despite that, he is a genuinely sincere man whose command of the facts and articulate manner seem to serve him well.

But I’ll write more on that later…

For me, this will be a tough race based on getting people—ones that know what is going on and who is saying what—out to the polls. Despite my belief that there are two favorites, you have to remember that this is a six-man race, which means there is a lot of room for confusion.

As I see it, after the last two candidate forums, Joe DiCara is the most improved. With that said, he does not have the backing he needs and, right now, anyone one that has obtained the Olszewski blessing has been given the “kiss of death.”

As for Scott Holupka, he was planning on having John Olszewski Jr. in his corner; however, John Olszewski Sr.’s endorsement of Ron Yeatman may have changed some things for “Team O.” To that end, Holupka seems adrift at the moment.

As for Yeatman, there are several issues that I will address in my next blog that recaps two candidate forums—one held at Back River and one held at the North Point Fire House.

As the saying goes, the cream will rise to the top, which is why I believe that Staigerwald and Crandell will be the ones to face off in the general election. Both of them have a good command of the issues, and they can articulate those positions in front of an audience. In today’s political climate, a successful candidate is the one who carries a certain persona that will transcend a message in order to connect with the audience. Once the candidate has captivated an audience for an amount of time then it doesn’t matter what the topic of discussion is—they are connected.

Both Ehrlich and Franchot are seasoned leaders (which, you’ll note, is different than saying that they are seasoned politicians), so I’m quite sure they both vetted their endorsements carefully. Which is why I firmly believe that it will be Staigerwald and Crandell standing in “The Ring of Fire” in the general election.

By the way, that election will be decided by some real bloodletting debates to see who is left standing. Remember, folks, that these debates are the only way for you—the voters—to do your own candidate vetting. Remember, these appointments will last for four years.

On a sad note, I must mention that I talk to a lot of candidates who have no clue that, in order to get elected, one must not only stand out in the public eye but must be very visible to that same public.

They apparently have never heard of the idiom, “getting lost in the crowd.” Remember, a farmer looking over his crops is “out standing in his field” but is not necessarilyoutstanding in his field.”

Hopefully I can pass this bit of wisdom onto anyone who needs it.

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