The “Golden State” Loses Its Luster
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th February 2018
The reality of liberalism in the once great state of California. (Photo credit/Jim Hubbard)


In 2011, best-selling author Patrick Buchanan wrote a compelling prediction titled Suicide of a Superpower.  Mr. Buchanan is known as one of America’s leading populist conservatives, and he served as a senior advisor to three American presidents.

Much of which Mr. Buchanan wrote about in his book can be summed up in the video below.

The video—shot in Anaheim, California—tells the story of what is really happening behind the façade of what was once the most beautiful part of this nation. The reality of the video is shocking, but we believe the story must be told.

The gentleman who shot the video spoke briefly about its content; however, as you will see, political correctness overtook his thought process.

But the PC-ness did not hide the reality of what the camera captured.

This is the reality of a sanctuary state, folks. This state openly flaunts our laws and our culture.

This is beyond comprehension in our view. The video very well may answer Mr. Buchanan’s question of, “Will America survive to 2025?”

The Baltimore Post will continue to present the truth. As always, our motto always is, “You read; you decide.”

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