Harvard Study on Illegals Reveals Sun’s Rodricks is Clueless
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 24th February 2017
A Day Without Immigrants

I was talking to some of my golf buddies the other day and the conversation strayed from the links to the Sun’s latest gibberish from alt-left columnist Dan Rodricks.

Mind you, everyone involved in the conversation was a working class middle American, and the group did not hold back their disdain for the Sun. That disdain is so pronounced that the paper is seldom read.

However, Mr. Rodricks’ February 18 column titled Immigrant crackdown, a -fine-tuned’ police state garnered my attention.  As the saying goes, the proof in the pudding. To that end, Rodricks’ writing falls into the same category as the famous (or infamous) “Razzie Awards,” started at UCLA to recognize the worst in film each year.

In the opinion of this journalist, and as the Sun’s video reveals, Mr. Rodricks’ title alone (a “fine-tuned police state”) is blatantly false.

The truth is that President Obama was far more aggressive in deporting illegals early in his administration than President Trump is now. That fact seems to go unnoticed.

In his disingenuous opening sentence, Mr. Rodricks writes:

The administration is running like a fine-tuned machine,” said the president of the United States, and I offer as supporting evidence the arrest in Baltimore of the Honduran barber and bicycle repairman Serbando Fernandez Rodriguez.

Excuse me while I get my crying towel.

If you read on in the column about the type of man Mr. Rodriquez is, one might question why he deserted his family and fled his homeland.

Rodricks writes:

That’s when he decided to leave La Ceiba and Honduras, he told Katz. It was June 2012. Rodriguez sent his family away — it is not known where — and he headed north to the United States. According to CASA, Rodriguez was nabbed by American immigration agents and sent back to Honduras. But, still fearing for his life, he made a successful breach of the U.S. border, traveled to Baltimore and settled in Highlandtown.

What man would send his family away to an unknown location?  If, in fact, they are here, then did he not realize the risk in what he was doing, or he got a special invitation from then-Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as part of her effort to bring 10,000 immigrant families into the city.

Speaking of that, one might think that is why the city is in financial straits, forced to cut the number of teachers, deal with a failing infrastructure, and consistently listed as a regular in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the county.

A second fact that deserves to be checked:  What Mr. Rodricks fails to mention is the cost factor on the middle class in supporting illegal immigration.  The other night, FOX News reported the cost to of illegal immigration at $113 billion.

Mr. Rodricks continues:

Be grateful, my fellow Americans: Donald J. Trump has made us safer from the likes of Serbando Rodriguez. Agents of the federal government have stripped him of his straight razor and combs, his pedal wrench and his tire levers.

I see nothing to support this alt-left approach.  Where are the points that any respectable journalist might note? For example, “If you have no green card, then you are not paying taxes like the rest of us who obey the law.”  Let’s be honest, Mr. Rodricks, Mr. Rodriguez is not part of the highly skilled labor force, and–if he is hiding his family–then that is a definite problem.  If you have any doubts about what illegal immigration can do, just look to the EU and countries like Sweden, which now features up to 50 “no go zones.”

So much for assimilation, the one key aspect Mr. Rodricks forgets. Maybe he should read his own paper once in a while and gain some knowledge, as this article illustrates:


What galls me the most are the photos and video the Sun uses.  I see more flags from other nations than I do American ones.  Listen to the woman at the end of the video speak about open borders freely without one question being asked by the reporter.

I guess that proves my point about when I stated in the Sun’s comments section  repeatedly, that it seems doubtful for the paper to reach 1 million readers a week when a readership poll featured a vote tally less than 200. Oh, did I mention the Sun recently did away with the poll.

Maybe that is why I was banned from commenting.  I guess the truth does hurt.

Not meaning to pile on, but if the Sun gets any thinner, I won’t be able to read it because the light bleeds through.

I think it’s time for a leadership change at the Sun.  If anyone doubts this, just watch the documentary Page One,  Inside The NY Times, in which the late David Carr mentions the largest bankruptcy in publishing history:


Before I wrap up this column, I suggest that Mr. Rodricks reads this report from Pima County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Napier, which basically says that Mr. Rodricks speaks with a forked tongue:


And, last but not least, this study from Harvard, which–in my opinion–has just a tad more credibility than Mr. Rodricks’ propaganda:





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