Hear Them Roar, but their Words are Hollow
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

January 2, 2016 11:06 pm ET

Senate race between Van Hollen and Edwards to focus on female voters

Source: Hear Them Roar, but their Words are Hollow

Photo credit/The Washingtonian: Chris Van Hollen: This is mine and you can’t have it!

In the 1980s vernacular, “Gag me with a spoon.”

The January 2, 2016 edition of the Sun featured bold red letters just below photos of the leading candidates—Representatives Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen—for the now-vacant Senate seat of the retiring Barbara A. Mikulski.

Those bold red letters spelled out the following headline:

Maryland hopefuls focus on women

And that is why I am gagging on the proverbial concave utensil.

You see, folks, I would call the “focus on the female voters” outright pandering because I know for a fact that it is a misleading statement. This is based on several factors, especially from two career politicians who are, according to most voters, liberals—especially those who seek more government benefits.

Recent headlines in the Sun call for more education for immigrants, more focus on juvenile offenders, and more housing vouchers for Section 8 families that the city wants to relocate to the surrounding suburbs.

The working middle class call those issues “entitlements.”

I always found it rather strange that the focus falls on the downside rather than the upside, such as the victims of crime, our wounded warriors, and the middle class taxpayers. These are the true victims of the liberal agenda, as said liberals continue their agenda of attempting to buy votes by promising more entitlements.

In the good old days, we called that “propaganda” based on loose lips that continue to propagate more disinformation than facts.

I miss the good old days…

Now, to the naysayers, let me explain why I would make such a statement, as well as the basis I use to make such volatile comments.

For starters, let’s take a look at Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Montgomery County—the land of the free (entitlements) and the home of the left who seek those entitlements.

Take a look at Montgomery as described in this news article:


You get the drift, I’m sure. That sets the stage for this next tidbit of information so volatile that Rep. Van Hollen ripped the blog off his website shortly after I put it up—sort of a testament to his openness for free speech or the right to disagree.

So much for the left’s tolerance of different opinions.

If Rep. Van Hollen’s focus is on women, he sure has a funny way of showing it. I mean, a politician who accepts $87,868 to defeat Kate’s Law—the one that would give a mandatory sentence of five years to illegals convicted of felonies (often violent ones) who re-enter the country after being deported and (often times) commit more violent crimes—is as bit of a stretch.

I love this quote in a recent Sun article:

“Van Hollen, 56, has cast himself as an “effective progressive,” able to work with lawmakers of all political persuasions to advance a Democratic agenda.”

One would have to ask if that Democratic agenda allows violent illegals to reenter this country through a revolving door immigration policy that seems to create more mayhem.

This past year’s recent record breaking killing fields in Baltimore city can be best summed up by the quote from the Sun Investigates, Chasing A Killer by Homicide Detective Sean D’Alessandro, who angrily stated:

“Why is the person on the street?” he said. “His rap sheet is 25 pages. Good Job judicial system!”

Well, who’s been at the helm of the political system since BC? The Democrats!

Do you think that some voters just might want a change in the cesspool of crime that is known as Baltimore City—a cesspool that is now bleeding into the suburbs?

I called the offices of Rep. Donna Edwards of Prince George’s County, as I thought her staff might be interested in the blood money that Van Hollen took to look the other way when it came to Kate’s Law.

Those I spoke with acted like they couldn’t care less.

So, here we have two career politicians wanting us, the voters, to believe that they are looking out for women’s causes; meanwhile, we all find that the PC police are in charge of those issues.

That makes the following quote from Rep. Edwards’ spokeswoman, Marcy Stech, rather hollow:

“Donna has spent her entire career standing up for women. And that’s a perspective that’s desperately needed in the …Senate.”

Ms. Stech, tell that to Kate’s father. You know, the man whose beautiful daughter died in his arms after she was shot by an illegal who was deported five times for committing crimes, only to return to commit another crime against an innocent woman.

You know—the type of woman Rep. Edwards has vowed to protect? I don’t think the silent treatment is the way to accomplish this.

The problem not only trends into the Democratic rivalry, because I made the same call to the Republican candidate Kathy Szeliga of Baltimore County—anther bastion of liberalism, and another deaf ear.

The perplexing part to all of this is that Kate’s Law only deals with illegals who commit felonies, are then deported, and come back into the United States illegally. A mandatory sentence of five years certainly would go a long way in protecting many of the women the aforementioned lame career politicians on both sides of the aisle say they want to protect.

How about, rather than just giving lip service, our pols actually take a stand and do something to impact this important agenda.

Folks, I felt the need to write this blog because I can’t stand career politicians who can’t accept the facts or take a moment to listen to an issue out of fear that they may not be politically correct, even though the issue involves the safety of our citizens.

I say to those same career politicians (or “recipients of public tax dollars” if you will) who do nothing of consequence, “Don’t let the door hit you in the real world as you enter it.”

I, for one, will cast my vote for someone who will actually make a difference and instill change instead of just talking about it.

I hope many more of you will join me…

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