“Hey Joe, where are you going…?” The continued saga of CTE in the NFL
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th April 2018

The dreams of those picked in last night’s NFL draft have just begun.

Meanwhile, for others who have been around the league for years, those dreams have turned into nightmares.

Recently, Brett Favre–one of the truly all-time great NFL quarterbacks–spoke openly of about CTE, which is the brain disorder featured in the motion picture Concussion.

Some of us may remember the classic song by the late Jimi Hendrix titled Hey Joe. The song starts off the words, “Hey Joe, where are you goin’ with that gun in your hand?”

Recently, The New York Times ran an article that revealed 110 out of 111 brains of former NFL players tested positive for CTE.

It was like they put a gun to their heads…

Anyone who reads this should see quite obviously that the matter goes to the heart of the NFL’s “creed of greed.”

Newly released audio concerning the players taking part in the protest of the national anthem revealed the main concern of the NFL was not patriotism but rather the profit margin.

It appears that the NFL’s policy is wealth over health. One might find it interesting that a large number of brain injuries come from players impacting the turf rather than other players.

When one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history states that he would not allow his children to play football, that should speak volumes. What it is also troubling is that the majority of sports never addresses the issue of CTE.

Our guess would be that such discussion would impact their bottom line, as well as the broadcast and print business.

On at least two occasions dealing with this topic of CTE and the NFL, the Post saw related videos pulled from YouTube following our published articles about this horrific disease. We can only surmise that the powers that be played a role in silencing the truth.

Life is but a mere flash in the pan, so every precious second should never be taken for granted. The glory days of the cheering crowds and Super Bowl victories have long passed for Mr. Favre. Sadly, he is now facing the issue of losing something way more valuable than his salary, or the ratings his performances delivered–his precious memories.

After viewing the video from You Tube below, we strongly suggest that you watch the movie Concussion. It is an uncensored look at the devastation left behind by these traumatic and constant hits to the head.

We choose brains over brawn any day…

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