(Hoping to) Lead by Example
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

June 22, 2014 10:58 pm ET

Staigerwald campaign and Ms. Pearce address issues

Source: (Hoping to) Lead by Example

It is refreshing to find someone who is willing to forego the typical “cover up and deny” style displayed by many of our politicians these days.

Case in point: It came to my attention that there were some issues involving Ms. Anna Pearce, who is running for the House of Delegates as a member of the Staigerwald campaign ticket.

I contacted the Staigerwald campaign, and—to their credit—they immediately went into action to address this issue.

Both Mr. Stagerwald and Ms. Pearce issued statements, which have not been edited. Both responses are linked to my website so that they can be easily read in PDF format.

In addition to Ms. Pearce’s response, which I know took her a great deal of time to craft, she sent me the following e-mail statement, which I thought was important enough to include here.


I fully understand and have absolutely no problem with this. I have never tried to hide anything as I believe the voters deserve to have people represent them that are open and honest.

The lack of transparency is why we find ourselves facing the current issues within our community.

Again, thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to reading your article.



Regardless of what one may think of these issues, this email, to me, demonstrates true leadership, which involves truthfulness and transparency.

I have sent dozens of emails to politicians and county officials that have been ignored, or that generated late or defensive responses.

To her credit, Ms. Pearce’s responses were neither late nor defensive. And, again to me, this demonstrates the qualities that we need in our leaders.

If only the rest would take notice and follow in turn…

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