Hot Time in the County Schools
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

October 21, 2015 12:18 am ET

Franchot turns up the heat on Kamenetz while Councilman Crandell is a no-show

Source: Hot Time in the County Schools

Photo/Credit, MD State Comptroller Peter Franchot

To begin the festivities, we go to your ring announcer… (Sound of a bell ringing)

“Ladies and gentlemen! Here is tonight’s main event! In this corner, weighing in as the Comptroller of the State of Maryland, is Peter Franchot!” (Cue thunderous applause)

“And in this crevasse corner, weighing in as the two-term Baltimore County Executive, we have … (pause) excuse me folks, but there seems to be someone missing!”

At that point, the announcer would have to tell the crowd that Mr. Franchot’s opponent, Mr. Kamenetz, failed to show up. In fact, the county executive’s entire “training staff”—including Councilman Todd Crandell (or any councilperson, for that matter), a representative from the teachers’ union, school board president Dr. Dallas Dance—were all no-shows for the “main event.”

It makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

Speaking of the councilman, how darn silly is it to not make an appearance at an event that was covered by every major news agency (TV and print) just to show your constituents that you care deeply about the health and safety of our school children? Also, where was Chairwoman Bevins? I was also surprised that Delegate Robin Grammer was not present.

I guess we’ll never know. I called the councilman’s office seeking a comment and as usual no return call.

I dare the council members to say they “had a meeting” that required all seven of them to introduce a bill that would further derail school funding. I might except that excuse if they were rejecting the Iran Nuclear Bill.

Now, despite the tongue in cheek approach at the beginning of this post, I am not making light of this life-threating topic—and it is life-threating for children and teachers to sit in an antiquated stifling hot dungeon called a school because some fat cats out in Towson don’t care enough to show up and discuss a solution to solve this issue.

To prove my point, I will refer to today’s Sun, which reported the county council “plans to end stormwater fee.” [sic]

There is a disturbing quote from the Sun’s article” “The executive is unwilling to raise property taxes, so Mohler said some school improvements, park projects and road projects would be in jeopardy.”

The key term here is “school improvements.”

Talking about throwing in the towel in this fight with the comptroller—no wonder there was an empty stool (or corner, if you will) at last night’s event.

To even insinuate that some school improvements may be in jeopardy qualifies as one the dumbest utterances a politician could make given the circumstances—young students and the suffering they endured in classrooms that, as one parent reported, reached 126 degrees with the heat index.

Speaking of those experiences, I had no idea that school children were being transported to the hospital with heat-related (hence life-threatening) illnesses. In some cases, the heat also took its toll on teachers and staff.

One appalling account involved when some of the area schools were placed on a lockdown status due to criminal activity, which meant the windows had to be secured. It doesn’t take much commons sense to realize that the real danger is the heat and not a bad guy, as the temperatures inside those buildings reached extremely unsafe conditions.

It’s obvious that Mr. Kamenetz is using our school children as a political football in this statement:

If the State can accelerate its customary match of County dollars for air conditioning,” said Kamenetz, “every Baltimore County school will have air conditioning in place by 2019, two years earlier than without the accelerated State match. In less than five years we’ve increased the number of schools with air conditioning in the County from 48 percent to 85 percent. While that is very gratifying, it is time to finish the job. I look forward to working with Dr. Dance, the Board of Education, County Council and State delegation to get Governor Hogan’s support of this effort.”

If that is the case where were you and Dr. Dance last night? How can you “finish a job” without sitting down with the contractor and come to a consensus?

It almost sounds like Mr. Kamenetz is holding our children hostage. And it sure seemed that Comptroller Franchot was disgusted about the situation, citing other jurisdictions that take care of school business with less money. Comptroller Franchot alluded to Mr. Kamenetz using our school children as pawns in the county’s failure to manage the money from the state to deal with this problem.

Waiting years to deal with a potential health issue is the worst kind of government leadership; however, if you’re a connected developer, this represents the best kind situation to line your pockets.

I don’t say that last line lightly—I think after you read this little ditty from the Sun you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about—the title reads “Rising wealth, falling school aid.”

Now, if anyone believes that this does not happen in our county, send me an email and I’ll show you that it does.

There is something else that Mr. Kamenetz fails to address—funding provided by the state. There were funds provided to Baltimore County above and beyond other school funding, but what happened to that funding is exactly what Mr. Franchot and Governor Hogan want to know.

It brings to mind a famous line from a movie, which you can watch while I get another cup of coffee.

That is a good question. The answer lies somewhere in whatever budget gap the county was trying to plug.

As the saying goes, “rob Peter to pay Paul.”

From my personal point of view, this was one hell of a meeting where every detail and presentation was masterfully crafted. From Mr. Franchot’s comments to those of state staff members, it was a masterful production of the truth.

That is not the reality we live in, though. One mother, whose young daughters you will see in the photos posted with this blog, contacted the Baltimore County School Facilities Management section to explain a problem in an honest and sincere manner. Nevertheless, she was meet with a terse response that was, in my opinion, akin to a “who gives a crap” attitude.

There is much more of this fight for the safety of our school children to come—this is only the beginning, and I am sure this will go the full 10 rounds. Let’s just hope that there are no serious injuries to our school children because our county is, as one attorney described to me, the most corrupt county in the state.

Before I close this blog, let me say that I find it unconscionable that teachers who spoke on this issue were in fear of losing their jobs. You read that right, folks—Mr. Kamenetz denies the right to free speech by using fear and intimidation.

To me, that means that it is time for the people to rise up and impeach the contemptable agenda of this man. I have used this piece from YouTube before, as it best typifies a tyrant. Judge for yourself.

(Note: Due to the many names of those involved in this event I could not use the names of all of those involved. I hope you understand and think of this as a united effort—one for all and all for one! (The pictures will fill in the blanks)

Finally, while we are on the topic of money, has anyone given any thought to “0 in the polls and 0 in the bank” presidential daydreamer Martin O’Malley, who made the state and county a sanctuary for illegals?

How much money has this cost us, you ask? The numbers crunch to the tune of $1.4 billion.

You read that right—billion with a B.

That is a whole lot of money, folks. All so the former governor could pursue his own “dream act.”

Meanwhile, today the Dems voted down the sanctuary city bill, so it’s business as usual—in and out, with a few crimes in between.

No wonder outsiders are ruling the roost in the presidential race.

Almost forgot, the winner and still standing tall is Peter Franchot.

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