How Low Can You Go?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

August 24, 2016 5:14 pm ET

BCPS lowers the bar on educational standards

Source: How Low Can You Go?

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Pop Quiz: What famous Doctor … er, excuse me … pop singer sang this song?

Don’t worry, you won’t be graded. In fact, even if you don’t read this or ever heard of Patch, if you have a name somewhere and are breathing, you get (cue loud announcer’s voice) 50 points!

That right girls and boys—just for breathing (and who cares if you don’t do your homework), you will win 50 points towards … um, who the hell knows! And two failed tests will now equal 100%.

Does that sound a little crazy? It should, but I’m sure the students in the BCPS will love it.

You see, according to our fine school system, someone who doesn’t show up for a test gets 50 points rather than a zero, ‘cause [sic] a zero would make that person cry.

At least that is what BCPS says.

God forbid anyone is held accountable

But before I go farther down this winding road (another pop song), take a look at this great news piece from FOX 45 News:

In order to show you how ludicrous this new propaganda is, one needs to listen to Joy Lepola’s great reporting on the issue, where (the minister of propaganda) George Roberts makes some absurd statements.

I was going to list them, but there are so many that I thought it better you just listen to the brief interview.

The bottom line to this insanity is basically that homework is non grata, and students no longer fail (or whatever they call it) but rather get multiple chances to try, try, again. And, on top of that, one can still cuss, carry on, and disrespect others as much as deemed necessary as long as that person correctly gets the assessment, whatever that is.

As Mr. George says in this quote, “The power of 0 is extremely powerful.”


And so is granting 50% credit for doing nothing. That is called enabling.

Speaking of falling behind in the grand world of education, we have this report in the Baltimore Sun by education reporter Liz Bowie who, in my humble opinion, is one of the best:

Now let’s take note of this quote from Ms. Bowie’s article:

“If the standard had been in effect last year, more than half of Baltimore County’s students would not have passed the math test and 35 percent would not have passed the English test.”

Mr. George’s plan (and, I assume, Dr. Dance’s newest pop sensation Twist) would not help students who can’t speak English.

“As a result, the graduation rate for recent immigrants at Owings Mills has plummeted from 64 percent to 11 percent in just two years. County and state graduation rates for this group also have been falling, though not as sharply.”

With the flood of immigrants into the sanctuary state of MD, here is another startling quote (truth) from the article:

“Owings Mills is one of five magnet schools in Baltimore County for immigrant students. They are arranged strategically around the county’s donut-shaped geography so students don’t have to travel far. At Owings Mills, about 30 percent of the school is bilingual. Students come from 36 countries, including Jordan, Nigeria and Honduras, and speak 24 languages.”

Dance’s shuffle is going to work when the rules don’t count. Please tell me, dear Mr. George, how in the heck is this quote from your lips and these new rules indicate a positive change?

“If we incorporate behavior, attendance, and effort into the grade, we no longer consider grades accurate indicators of achieving the learning targets and course expectations.”

In my opinion, this is the craziest damn (sorry, my bad) thing I ever heard.

How in the heck are students who speak 24 different languages and not English going to learn anything?

Here is some more discouraging data for Dr. Dance to mull over—more quotes from the Sun article:

“In the last few years, the entire landscape for ESOL has shifted,” said Brian Schiffer, the head of Baltimore County’s ESOL programs. The high dropout rate is partly because “the standards for what we are expecting students to know and be able to do” have grown, making it more difficult for newcomers to meet the higher bar, Schiffer said”

So I guess Dance’s game plan is to lower the bar to a substandard level of education that will destroy a student’s ability to compete in the real world.

This concept is crazy beyond belief, and I think it’s indicative of our world standings and not some Looney Toon agenda.

(Coming soon: “Green waters in Essex” and “While the cats are away, the rats will multiply”)

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