Ignoring the Warning $ign$
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

March 16, 2016 4:11 pm ET

Homan stirring up more (financially irresponsible) trouble in the county

Source: Ignoring the Warning $ign$

A lot of dollars and no cents, County Administrator Fred Homan

As a former “man in blue,” I continue to receive the FOP newsletter. When I read the most recent issue, my first thought was, “Fred Homan needs to be FIRED!

No minced words here, folks.

You may ask why would I get that fired up (pardon the pun), and the answer is quite clear: the man has become one of the most costly administrators in the torrid history of county government.

I have written about this before. In fact, I’ve spoken until I was “blue in the face,” yet no one seems to care. Not even Mr. Kevin Kamenetz, who—in my opinion—has to be the worst county executive to wander those hallowed hallways with the likes of Dale Anderson (indicted for crimes), Dutch Ruppersberger, (brought section 8 to our county), and Jim Smith, one of the big land developer attorneys.

But I’m not here to talk about county executives, so let’s get back to Mr. Homan and his gaffs that could cost the county some more of our hard earned taxes.

There have been too many gaffs to list here, but one that stands out, and about which Mr. Homan has been warned about time and again, is dalliances with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

He was warned numerous times by members of the various departments that what he was doing violated the federal law. Did Mr. Homan care? Judging by all of the articles written, I guess not.

Did I mention that amount only scratches the surface?

And there are a few more county workers at odds with the county and Mr. Homan as the cases continue to pile up:


Count your taxpayer dollars, folks, because they are about to be raided again. That story will make your blood boil, but I will save that for another blog.

Still, Mr. Homan could care less, at least according to my latest The Fourword (FOP News Letter) which featured the following under the heading of Legal Advisory Committee: “The committee met to discuss two (2) cases in which we feel the County Administration has again ordered two (2) of our members to submit to illegal medical examinations in violation of the ADA. Kathleen Cahill has reviewed both instances and advised the county is in violation of the ADA by ordering the officers to submit to further medical examinations even though the county’s own physician has found both member’s fit for duty.”

Here is a man who suffered a serious injury when he fell off a horse while riding. The news article said he suffered a serious head injury and, of course, the county spin was that he will make a full recovery.

Let me say this: recently, while at a council session in Towson, I saw Mr. Homan on more than one occasion barely able to walk while using a cane. He was late for the meeting, and it took him quite a while to reach his seat at the council session.

If there is anyone who needs a “fitness for duty” medical exam, I believe it is Mr. Homan—the County Administrator whose decisions have a great impact on the taxpayers of Baltimore County.

Some people might say that is a mean thing to say about an injured man, but there is an old saying that states, “What goes around, comes around.”

Since Mr. Homan’s decisions impact so much of our lives in the county, I think he should follow his own advice about being “fit for duty.”

After all, he created this mess.

Let’s take a look at some issues the county is facing as this blog is written.

There are cost overruns at the new Dundalk Station. The GC will be occupied for several more years because there is no parking at Headquarters in Towson, which has already been renovated for the Support Operations Division. To that end, the county will be supporting two police facilities in Dundalk for at least of couple of more years due to poor planning.

Oh, and cost estimates are ranging around $5 million for the additional parking upgrade at the Joppa Road facility.

This is just the tip of the ice berg related to Mr. Homan’s actions, which I will continue to follow closely.

True leadership at this stage would demand that Mr. Kamenetz replace Mr. Homan, but—then again—the key word here is leadership; in my opinion, there is none of that around here.

In closing, let the games begin and see how much more money Mr. Homan is going to take out of our pockets before he is stopped by someone with the courage to lead and not follow.

Just like with the national political battles, time will tell what is in store for us, folks.

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