Impeachment-crazed Dems ignored coronavirus warning signs
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th March 2020
The Democratic Party was so infected by TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) that it failed notice this killer virus. (Photo Credit:


To combine a few colloquialisms, “Shut my mouth and gag me with a spoon!”

It now appears that the impeachment-crazed Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, The squad, Adam (bull) Schiff, and the Penguin Jerry Nadler were so consumed with TDS (otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome) that they turned a blind eye to the initial outbreak of the coronavirus.

CNN, which should also known as the communist news network, also suffered an attack of TDS prior to last night’s highly anticipated debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The attacks on Pres. Trump were relentless and unfounded based on new information provided by FOX’s Tucker Carlson:

How could anyone who saw what was taking place in China ignore the warnings?


Many photos like this were coming out of China, but the Democrats were too busy to notice. (Photo Credit:


House members Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff have been ‘quarantined’ from the public since the impeachment debacle. Photo credit FOXNews

It now appears that the entire Democratic Party is nothing more than a façade of reality. They promised a party that reflected the nation’s diversity, but what we wound up with were two elderly men arguing over who could push the other farther left.

Homestly, folks, the debate got to the point that watching it became unbearable.

I tried to count the gaffes, but I ran out of fingers and toes. I then resorted to pulling out hair follicles, but I still couldn’t grasp what the hell they were talking about.


The promise of diversity from the Democratic  Party is nowhere to be found. (Photo credit: The Daily Mail)


Sadly, one has to ask: Do these photos depict leaders capable of guiding this nation through one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime?

We’re just not seeing it, folks.




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