In politics, some use a bullhorn, while others use their voices
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th November 2018
This is the kind of political leadership we need. (Photo credit/Facebook)  Michele Guyton, PhD., Democratic candidate for Maryland House of Delegates, District 42B.

We all know that politics can be a nasty business. Some will do whatever it takes to garnish the power that comes with elected office. In this particular race involving Maryland’s House of Delegates, District 42B, there appeared to be more mudslinging than giving the voters some actual insight into, not only the candidate, but also a particular message.

The Baltimore Post is often noted for its hard-edged reporting on the rough-and-tumble world of politics. We do this in an effort to educate the voters in casting their ballots for the right candidates.

In many cases, some people will use whatever means necessary to achieve their ultimate goal of power. Since Michele Guyton’s opponent is using a 50,000 Watt radio station – WCBM – as a mega bullhorn to run a political campaign, The Post feels that there may be some voters who would prefer a little more substance than propaganda.

We all remember how some of the people felt about shouting out certain opinions by those who choose the bullhorn method. In fact, the impact had the direct opposite effect on the person whom the shouting was directed.

After one of the most divisive national campaigns in modern history, The Baltimore Post felt the video – featured below – was a more appropriate message, and is one that showcases the real reason one person chose to make the sacrifice to enter the field of public service.

The following video was broadcast in a decibel rating that will not damage your political views:






















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