Information Walls Surround School Halls
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th November 2017
This team needs a new coach

Update:  The Baltimore Post was contacted by a parent who stated the meeting with the principal of PHHS had been canceled. The Post followed up on the information by contacting the high school. The response was rather startling when the spokeswoman stated that there was no meeting scheduled and nothing happened at the school yesterday.


Perry Hall HS resource officers make report, recommend principal contacts parents to alleviate fears


Principal chose not to notify parents of situation

In today’s fast world of instant information and news, social media has jumped to the forefront in breaking many local stories.

The Baltimore Post was contacted regarding a possible threat of violence at Perry Hall HS.  Our job is to report the facts, and we believe we have obtained them regarding this matter.

This particular posting on another news/social network, along with related Facebook posts, set off the initial firestorm surrounding the potential for violence at the school.

MD Perry Hall High School Under Threat Of Violence On Thursday ⋆

Some of the student’s friends personally heard the young man threaten to shoot up the school on Thursday (tomorrow).



Combine that information with concerned parents and you have a recipe for panic.


The Baltimore Post began our investigation by contacting sources inside the Baltimore County Police Department. Those sources revealed that they were investigating a potential issue at the high school. The problem was that nothing could be confirmed at the time of our phone calls.


Additional information was gained early this morning. We now believe this is what transpired:


A particular student insinuated that a violent act would take place the following day. As a result, a flyer was circulated by other students throughout the school, which caused ensuing panic. That led to a police investigation, which determined that the issue was a hoax. The police then contacted school authorities to recommend that the principal reach out to the community and advise them of the situation.


In these types of cases, the police will defer to the school administration in how the situation is handled. The principal at Perry Hall HS, Mr. Andrew Last, chose to keep the information from the public. How do we know this? Because the statement below was the only information coming out of Perry Hall HS, and it is from BCPS Board Member Julie Henn:



44 mins

“We were just informed that extra police patrols will be at Perry Hall High School tomorrow following an alleged threat of violence at the school caused rumors on social media and other community forums. The rumor suggested that a student was going to bring a weapon to school tomorrow. Apparently, several students passed around fliers as a hoax and now face school disciplinary action and possible criminal consequences. Police are aware of the incident and are going to have extra officers in the area to simply calm any concerns. This is all the information we have at this time.”

There are several issues regarding this timeline of events and how the situation was handled.

We know that the Baltimore County Police investigated the situation and reported their findings to Principle Last. Remember that Perry Hall HS has more than 2,300 students, which equals a great deal of panicked young people and their parents. Additionally, many people still remember the shooting that took place at the school in 2012.

In an effort to follow up on this event,  The Baltimore Post contacted BCPS  Chief Communications Officer Mychael Dickerson with the following email:

Mr. Dickerson:

Our investigation reveals that school resource officers made report on the incident at Perry Hall HS. In addition, the police recommended the school contact the parents to alleviate the fears around this potential threat.

Our investigation also reveals that the principal chose not to notify the parents in reference to this incident.

Would you care to comment on this?

We will be going to publication sometime around 12 PM.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

As of press time, there has been no reply from Mr. Dickerson. With that being said, we will provide closing remarks to this story from BCPS Board Member Julie Henn. The following seems to sum up everything nicely:

PHHS – 11/9

BCPS Board Member Julie Henn 46 mins · I have been told that a communication from Perry Hall High to families will go out this morning. I have again raised concerns of the community over the repeated lack of timely communication. Parents need timely information to make the best decisions for their children. We are partners with BCPS and we need to be treated as such and not kept in the dark.

The Post has been informed there will be a meeting with Perry Hall HS Principal Andrew Last and many concerned parents today at the troubled high school.

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