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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

May 12, 2015 12:19 am ET

County hearing officer rules against Dundalk United; sides with developer

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“Scandal” is not a word to be used lightly, but there are certainly some scandalous goings on around here these days.

We’ve had Watergate and Hillarygate, and now we have “Countygate, version two.”

So, in the category of the community vs. unnecessary development … let’s have the envelope, please. (Cue the sound of paper tearing and a drum roll.)

And the winner is: the developer!

Shucks, and we thought the system was fair.

Before I go on any further, did anyone out there actually think that Dundalk United actually had a chance against a stacked deck? Did anyone think that the hearing judge would go against the wishes of the man who appointed him?

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how this one would go, folks.

Am I being harsh on the county? Let the stats do the talking. The ethics board practically plays pinochle all year round. The last time the ethics board actually did something was … um, I may have to look that one up, folks.

How about our rubber stamp County Council that has never voted against the supreme leader? How about the cover up going on over what took place in Cambridge?

I swear that I will get to the bottom of that issue and expose everyone who has lied about it.

And the latest load of double-speak, right from the Chief’s own lips (and echoed by Mr. Kamenetz), is the line that we are as safe as we were in 1976.

Let that one sink in a bit.

What a crock, folks. The budget isn’t the same as it was in 1976, there are more people, and there is more crime. I know the stats show a happy-go-lucky place, but that is because you’re not looking at the number of calls vs. the number of reports taken. The famous NR (no report) is exercised liberally, or the call are simply being adjusted or downgraded. If I recall, the city had a similar issue with its reports of sexual assault.

It truly boggles the mind how some can just turn their backs on criminal activity just to make the stats look good.

So, why the rant on my part? Because the deck has been stacked by the county to do whatever those in power want to do. Who cares about the community? Ask the people in the Eastwood Community how they feel? They have no more ball field, and their small, tightly knit community now bares the hub of a new police station.

Wait till they see the parking mess.

I sat through a lot of the hearing where development trumped the community, and I figuratively had to cover my mouth to hide the sounds of gaging—there was just so much foul air in the room.

All the experts from the county got on the stand and gave a proverbial thumbs up to the developer. The judge thanked everyone for the rubber stamping … er … I mean expert testimony, like did I do good? Do I still have a job?

It was all a complete waste of time.

I am convinced that the whole system is rotten to the core. How can there be any kind of impartial hearing when the judge is forced to decide whether or not to side with the executive who put the judge behind the bench in the first place.

You’ll love this one. Numerous people, including me, looked for the required posting of the sign advising the community of the issues. Not one of us could find it, and we walked around and around the building.

However, the lawyer for the developer—Mr. Larry Schmidt—told the judge that the sign was indeed found.

I suppose it is possible that someone knocked down the sign (and covered it up), but we were all told that the sign was indeed found.

Of course, we never did hear from the person who discovered the sign, but I digress.

Here is another little ditty of a quote: “The property was posted with a Notice of a hearing on February 25, 2015 for 20 days prior to the hearing and reposted on March 17, 2015, in order to inform all interested citizens of the date and location of the hearing. Members of the community submitted letters and e-mails to the OAH (which are contained in the case file) complaining that a sign was not in fact posted at the site. (You’re going to love this.) Whether the signs were taken down by miscreants or disrupted by the extreme weather in the Baltimore area at about this time is immaterial. Members of the community were aware of the PUD (by osmosis) hearing, and several citizens participated and testified in this proceeding. ”

That’s not exactly what I heard Mr. Schmidt say. He said that the sign was found.

I guess that roving gang of miscreants that took the sign then found it and turned it in. How nice of them.

Along with the missing sign miracle, Bob Staab of Dundalk United said the community still has not seen a live set of plans for the development. But, who cares? Simply put, this was, as the saying goes, a done deal.

Next stop will be Circuit Court, the land of deals.

To end my rant, I want you to know that I called about 30 lawyers; the bottom line is we can’t sue. After all, that would be biting the hand that feeds us.

And that folks is Democracy inaction [SIC].

As the title of the blog states, injustice is served … yet again.

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