Is there a battle looming over the county’s sanctuary status?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 11th February 2019
The human cost is also calculated in dollars and cents. ( Federal credit/WSAW)

President Trump’s State of the Union Address drew the battle lines regarding the issues and impact of illegal immigration.

Republican Congressman Andy Harris is taking the battle right into our political backyard by challenging the issue of whether or not Baltimore County is considered a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

In a Baltimore Sun article, Congressman Harris questioned former County Executive Don Mohler about his predecessor’s official recognition of sanctuary status for Baltimore County .

“Do you intend to continue the misguided policies of your predecessor with regard to making Baltimore County a sanctuary jurisdiction?” Harris wrote on Thursday, referring to deceased County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

Under Johnny O’s administration, spokesperson T. J. Smith stated that the county is not a sanctuary county. However, the Executive Order issued by Mr. Kamenetz and followed by Mr. Mohler–an ardent supporter of Mr. Olszewski, Jr.–has not been changed.

According to a recent Gallup poll, the number one issue in this country is ‘government,’ and the second major concern among Americans is ‘immigration.’ The Baltimore Post strongly believes there is a correlation between those issues, both of which resonate strongly with Americans.

With the current debt crisis not facing the United States, as well as Baltimore County, illegal immigration is an issue that cannot be ignored per Fox News:

In fact, illegal immigration costs taxpayers a staggering $134.9 billion a year while contributing only $19 billion in state, federal, and local taxes. At the federal level, medical costs make up the lion’s share of government expenditures on illegal immigrants, while education is the largest single expense that illegal immigration imposes on state and local governments.

Note how that quote focuses on the cost of education. Recently, The Baltimore Sun focused on the impact of non-English-speaking students in the BCPS. Here is a sobering quote from the Sun’s article:

While some surrounding counties and the city are losing students, Baltimore County has been rapidly adding students — more than 5,000 in five years. That is enough students to fill a new school building every year.

With Baltimore County facing a $2 billion debt crisis, crumbling infrastructures (including many of the county schools), how can we hope to provide a quality education based on the influx of immigrants? Johnny O has already painted himself into a corner when he advised interim BCPS Superintendent Verletta White that the county could not support her budget request, especially the promised raises for teachers.

Here is an interesting quote from the late Mr. Kamenetz, as published in the Sun, regarding Congressman Harris’s challenge:

“We’re here because people are afraid,” Kamenetz said. “We’re seeing a rise in hateful messaging taking place in this county, in this state and all across this country.”

Apparently, we must be missing something, particularly when you look at the current situation in the European Union, where an open-border policy for all participating nations has led to some serious issues.

This article from The Hill documents the crisis in the EU. The current demonstrations in France by the so-called “Yellow Vests” are in their 13th week and spreading to other countries. These demonstrations are perceived as a middle-class revolt against the liberal elites inside the French government.

We wonder who Mr. Kamenetz referred to when he said, “People are afraid…”

The Post strongly believes that this issue puts fear in the heart of the American dream. If anyone thinks that statement is a stretch, then please take a look at another related incident.

If Johnny O continues the current sanctuary policies, even though Mr. Smith denies that claim, the flood of immigrants coming into Baltimore County cannot be sustained financially … or culturally.


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