Is this the future of Baltimore County?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd September 2018
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A local methadone clinic creates havoc in a community in Dundalk. In Rosedale, another section of Baltimore County, the homeless have been camping out in wooded areas for years. In areas that receive a high volume of traffic, panhandlers adorn every corner.

The problems have become so intense that religious groups are now engaged in discourse with surrounding communities about additional resources to help feed the homeless.

One church actually contacted The Baltimore Post regarding the encroachment of drug addicts looking for refuge. The church’s ultimate solution was to use a barrier of large iron gates to protect its property.

Other communities are advocating vigilantism to combat drug dealers and people squatting in abandoned homes. Liberal politicians on both sides of the political spectrum seem to turn a blind eye to this ever-increasing human catastrophe.

There is a rather ironic situation involving Baltimore County Public Schools. The county school system is requiring parents to sign documents pertaining to the STAT program; the documents make parents accountable for their child’s $1500 computer. What about the children who don’t have parents or a home? Who signs for them?

We wonder if that was ever considered in the program’s design.

Maybe we should listen to the mayor of Baltimore City in a Sun article about drug addiction and homelessness, which continue to plague what is already one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.

The video below depicts how a serious problem can impact a city once known for its tremendous beauty. That image is rapidly changing as the progressive liberals turn a blind eye to the disaster engulfing San Francisco, as well as other major cities in California.

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Is Baltimore County headed for a similar future? The Baltimore Post believes that, given the current conditions, we could see this ugliness become a reality for our area in the near future.

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