Johnny O — showing empathy, or grabbing the spotlight?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th March 2019
A quote from Johnny O: “‪I was proud to stand alongside – and pray alongside – the Islamic Society of Baltimore today‬.” (Photo credit/Facebook)

It is often said that a photograph speaks a thousand words. The image above caught our attention for a variety of issues, and it speaks volumes.

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago, was captured in the following video, which created quite a stir.

Here is some information from the Media Research Center regarding the attack that killed 6 and injured 13, including former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The blood had barely dried on the sidewalk at Jan. 8’s Tucson Tragedy before the politicians, pundits and gadfly personalities of the left raced to find cameras and microphones and pollute the blogosphere with hyped-up vitriol of the kind they criticize. They directed blame at talk radio, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and inadequate gun control. Remarkably, no one found a way to blame the wearing of fur or global warming. They didn’t have the decency to let even a day pass without cashing in politically on this tragedy.

There are several troubling issues regarding Johnny O’s actions following the mass shooting in New Zealand that killed 50 Muslims as they worshiped their mosque:

  • Was this just another politically correct photo op to take advantage of a current event?
  • Is Johnny O implying that there is a need to politicize the terrible tragedy that occurred in New Zealand?
  • Why is Johnny O the only political leader to take on this cause?
  • Could Johnny O have brought together other political leaders in a nonpartisan effort to denounce this horrific incident in another country?

Here is an example of how polarized these events can be. Chelsea Clinton is hardly considered to be someone from the far right. Is the video below an example of what the Media Research Center intimated? Ultimately, did her appearance fan the flames of the divisiveness of this country and beyond?

Did we miss something in this exchange? Did the narrative just change to Donald Trump being the cause of the entire world’s misfortunes?

Getting back to Baltimore County, is Johnny O setting up a political theater of self-righteous pandering to gain a political advantage?

The so-called national search for Fred Homan’s replacement leads right back to Baltimore City, where Johnny O owed/owes political favors. That decision also brought into play the influence of former Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith.

The Post has covered this issue in the past when we wrote about the “nationwide search” for a new Baltimore County Police Chief. Once again, Johnny O was out and about holding community meetings to get input on the selection process. The problem was that all the supposed candidates were kept under wraps, so it is difficult for anyone to have a relevant opinion since there are too many unknowns.

Ultimately, Johnny O’s claim to be transparent depends on what questions you ask. But we’ll save that one for another column.

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