Justice Denied: Police Ignore Teen Assault Victim
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th June 2017

The suspect is on top of the victim striking blow after blow on the defenseless teen.

Police administration reply shows more concern with keeping crime rates low than enforcing the rules

The Baltimore Post sent another request to The Baltimore County Police Department seeking a reply as to why this serious, and potentially deadly, assault on a defenseless teenager is not being investigated.

This was the reply from Baltimore County Police Department Media Relations Director Elise Armacost:

I will be out of the office June 15, 2017.

During regular work hours, contact the Media & Communications Section at 410-887-2210. For breaking news after hours, contact Fire Dispatch, 410-307-2052, or Police Liaison, 410-307-2020.

Please send Police Public Information Act requests to PolicePIA@baltimorecountymd.gov. Please send Fire PIA requests to fire-records@baltimorecountymd.gov.


Folks, this story is not breaking news, but rather a topic the Post has been following for some time.

I want you to view this very graphic video and take note of the vicious attack on the defenseless teen. The injuries to this teen could have been catastrophic, yet no one from the Baltimore County Police Department seems to care enough to investigate the case.



To prove our point, the following email was sent to Chief of Police Terry Sherridan, inquiring as to why there has been no attempt to conduct an investigation into this matter. This was the reply:


We have searched our records for calls to Lansdowne High School for February 25, 2016. There is no call that matches the description of the video you shared – i.e., a fight on a bus.

You may want to double check the date and location of the incident, and whether police were indeed called to the scene.

Elise Armacost │Director
Public Affairs Section
Baltimore County Police & Fire


As the old gumshoe Dirty Harry would say, “You have got to ask yourself a question.” That question is why is there not a police report, or least an investigation into the issue with the video evidence presented?  In our humble opinion, the video gives numerous clues, or at least a starting point for an investigation to proceed. With that said, I want you to read a possible reason for this issue not being investigated.

Ann Constantino wrote a brilliant piece that gave insight into this type of behavior. Here’s a quote from her article that may shed some light on this problem:

In an effort to encourage fair discipline practices among all school staff members, in August of 2016 the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice disseminated guiding principles and rubrics to the State Departments of Education and local school systems.  The purpose was to guide each school in the hiring and frequent training of all school resource officers (SROs), where appropriate, in order to ensure that proper discipline interventions occurred at the school-police level. The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice created SECURe Local Implementation Rubric to help school districts and law enforcement agencies “determine the type of school-police partnership that would be most effective in their communities.”  These rubrics for schools also included encouraging administrators to evaluate SROs regularly, as well as to praise them for a job well done.

The one face missing from the photograph in Anne’s column is former Atty. Gen. Eric (contempt of Congress) Holder.

It seems that Chief Terry Sheridan is more interested in protecting the rights of illegals than the rights of our vulnerable teen citizens.  You can bet your bottom dollar on this: if that were my son who was the victim of that vicious beating, and nothing was done by the Baltimore County Public Schools or the police department, I would be calling a lawyer to hold those responsible accountable.

Hint, hint.

As we all know, crime only exists if it is reported. By not holding students accountable for acts of violence in order to justify a chart depicting the rates of suspensions among minorities, the school system and the police jeopardize the safety of children.

To put it bluntly, the old adage of  “See no evil, hear no evil” should not apply.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz hired Chief Sheridan to protect the citizens and taxpayers of Baltimore County.  Somewhere along the way, this whole situation is caught up in a political agenda that wants to downplay school violence and crime in our neighborhoods. The taxpayers should demand accountability from everyone involved in this despicable and planned act of violence.

Hopefully the next election will clear out the swamp in Baltimore County. We as taxpayers deserve better than this.

One final thought before I close this latest column: I would like to introduce Chief Sheridan to some of our readers, because apparently Chief Sheridan said he isn’t familiar with The Baltimore Post:

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Are we familiar yet, Chief?

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