Did Kamenetz Attempt to “Kover-Up” Dundalk Shooter Information?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 1st July 2017
Questions immediately arose over this photo of the now deceased suspect


Police officials confirm suspicions about shooting suspect’s motives

Yet, after two emails and a phone call, County Executive provides no response


As soon as the Post published the above photo revealing how the gunman was dressed during the Dundalk shootout, people immediately raised questions about his appearance.

It was quite obvious from our standpoint that this was not your everyday street robbery; rather, it was something far more sinister that demanded an investigation.

Once again, watch this video and see the type of magazine clips the suspect used, along with his appearance:


(Warning, extreme violence)


Right from the beginning, our readers began to focus on the dress and beard of the suspect.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this article, I want make one thing clear.  The Baltimore Post will not release the names of sources inside the police department regarding our investigation into this matter.  The Post is about seeking the truth and providing the public with that information, but we want to protect those who may face retribution. The Kamemetz administration is well known for its retaliation against anyone who takes issue with its agenda.

With that stated, let’s take a look at what we learned.

This story began to take shape after the Post published the previous article where we questioned the lack of support for the men and women in blue from the Kamenetz administration and from Baltimore County Police Chief Terry Sherirdan.

As soon as an article was published, we began to receive phone calls from law enforcement sources who wanted to set the record straight. While the investigation is still continuing, the following information was relayed to the Post by numerous police sources.

The suspect was identified as Blaine Robert Erb, 35, of no fixed address. The suspect may have been radicalized while serving time in prison.

A prayer cloth was found in his possession at the time of the shooting.

The suspect planned on taking out as many police officers as he could. Evidence of this (aside from police sources) is indicated by the type of handguns used by the suspect, specifically the large magazines he used, which were capable of carrying additional rounds of ammo.

Some sources indicated the suspect may have made a religious statement during the gun battle, but that is unconfirmed.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County Police spokesperson Elise Armacost “said detectives feel ‘fairly certain’ Erb’s motivation for engaging in a shootout with police was that he he did not want to return to jail.”

As to Ms. Armacost’s statement, you do not use a bazooka to conduct a street robbery. This man was armed to the teeth, and probably meant to kill as many people as possible.

The Post believes that Ms. Armacost’s statement attempts to downplay the evidence given to the Post by members of the police department.

The Post also found out that this is Ms. Armacost’s last week as spokeswoman for the Police Department.  She is being transferred to the fire department.

As always, the Post went the extra step of trying to confirm the above information by sending two emails and following up with a phone call to the county executive’s office.

Here is a copy of the emails sent. As always, we received no response. Prior to being placed on hold, I had heard background voices deciding on what their next move was going to be.



Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz

Dear Mr. Kamenetz:

The below email was sent to Mr. Don Mohler seeking a comment from your office.

The Post will release an article related to the information listed below.

If you wish to make a comment please email the Post at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

(Any reply will be considered on the record)

Dear Mr. Mohler:

Is Mr. Kamenetz aware of the following information:

The Dundalk shooter had a prayer blanket in his possession.

That he may have become radicalized while in prison.

That he made references to taking out as many police officers as he could.

That he also had access to a rifle.

Why is this information not being released to the general public?

Are you also aware of the potential links as shown below in the news article?

This information will be for the record and included in the Post’s next article.


Thank you for your time in this matter.

Buzz Beeler


One of our readers may have found another motive for Mr. Kamenetz’s obvious reasons for not releasing all the details concerning this incident.  Read this link from the County website and decide for yourself whether or not this may have played a role in the “Kover-Up.”



The Post will continue to follow the story.

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