Kamenetz Caught Again
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd January 2017

December 9, 2016 10:37 pm ET

State Senator Salling (R-6) responds to County Executive’s “un-truth” with the words, “accountability in breaking the law …”

Source: Kamenetz Caught Again

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The headline and subhead of this column brought back vivid memories, many of them disgusting, from back in 2010 when I ran for office and lost in my bid to unseat then Councilman John Olszewski, Sr.

I will never forget the night back in 2010 at one of the most powerful dens of the Democratic stronghold, The Battle Grove Democratic Club, where then-candidates Joe Bartenfelder and Kevin Kamenetz faced each other in a debate.

Generally speaking, at least in those days, the winner of the Democratic primary was a virtual shoe-in to win the general election. To that end, the debate was rather significant.

During that debate I had a ringside view (looking right at both candidates), and I asked the following question to Mr. Bartenfelder and Mr. Kamenetz:

What is your stance on illegal immigration in Baltimore County?

Mr. Bartenfelder’s response was, “There will be no illlegals in Baltimore County if I’m elected…”

Mr. Kamenetz then, looking down, uttered the following two words, “No illegals.”

I had the feeling that both candidates weren’t exactly being honest, as the Hogan administration has done nothing to deal with the issue in the state, specifically the sanctuary status of Baltimore City.

Now, in this article written by the political Sun’s liberal political reporter John Fritze, Mr. Kamenetz is creating a sanctuary status for the so-called dreamers so that a student’s tuition can be impacted by his/her legal status, which could jeopardize funds from the federal government.

Many see this as a legal maneuver by Kamenetz, who was just appointed leader of the Maryland’s Association of Counties, more infamously known as MACO (more on that later), which should improve his profile in what I believe is a feeble attempt to run for governor.

With MD already facing a budget shortfall, Governor Hogan is being forced to make some significant cuts of up to $82 million to close the gap, so a loss of federal funds could paralyze MD’s tenuous position as one of the top states in which to live.

With MD’s proximity to Washington—and it’s dependency on high-paying government jobs from SSI, Fort Meade, and Military manufacturers—any fight, such as the infamous city of Chicago and its left wing mayor’s defiance of federal law who continues to stand up for illegals while his citizens are being slaughtered, is absurd.

On this hot-button issue, Senator, Johnny Ray Salling, (R-6) made the following quote in the East County Times: “When you break the law there should be accountability and when you break the law by being an illegal here there should be accountability.”

With that said, is it fair to say that Mr. Kamenetz has been caught in a lie? Because I was there, asked the question, heard his response, and read his reaction—all of which goes against what is happening now.

If for no other reason than to avoid the grief of any legal ramifications, let’s call it an “un-truth.”

Some of you may remember the response I received involving Mr. Kamenetz’s tall tale of alleged documentation of potential businesses coming to the Government Center.

I immediately became suspicious of that statement, filed a PIA, and guess what?

It was fabricated. Yep, Mr. Kamenetz was caught yet again, as the article clearly defines.

For one of the documents I was seeking, I received a phone call from BC stating that the document did not exist.

I think there is a word for that…

Now if anyone doubts my renderings, in a recent court case out of Annapolis, far away from the “blankety blank” county courts, Mr. Kamenetz lost his bid to take away government land from the people in order to give that land to a developer.

Hold on while I wipe away the tears.

Mr. Kamenetz just received more bad news on Homan’s dream of an equestrian center in Cockeysville (for which state funding is required) when the Board of Public Works seemed to toss a wrench into those grandiose dreams. I’m sure there are a lot of county residents fighting for what’s left of open space in Baltimore County breathing a sigh of relief over that decision.

A final note—I had to drive out to Towson yesterday, where I heard people bemoaning the gridlock nightmare.

So, folks, as the late Walter Cronkite used to sign off, “And that’s the way it is.”

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